The Empowerment Column 2015: Over Here

By Rev. Thabiti

Informer Media Group

There is a popular wisdom of today that ‘here and now’ is all that there is.  In other words Life only moves from here to here and from now to now.  No matter where we are and no matter what is going on it is ‘here now’ or reversed is ‘now here’ which spells the word ‘nowhere’ when both words are combined.  The same seven letters “Now-Here = No-Where” is extremely revealing if we get deep about this.

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In the same way we cannot have day without night or inhale without exhale, is the same way we cannot have ‘here’ without ‘there.’  ‘There’ – is or represents any place where we are not.   All things beyond the girth or outside the perimeter or circumference of here, is there. Therefore and logically, there cannot be a ‘here now’ without a ‘thereafter.’  This means that ‘here’ is not ALL that there is as indicated by the popular wisdom that there’s only Here and Now because of the real and provable other place called ‘there.’

‘There’ can be a place where we have been, a place where we will be, a place we heard about or a place where we will never be.  ‘There’ can be a place real close by or a place very far away.  Since by universal law we cannot have one without the other – ‘here’ in this case represents one and ‘there’ represents the otherReaching a goal or arriving at a destination is the process of what was ‘there’ becoming ‘here.’  ‘There,’ is where a person is located that you are talking to on the phone except their perspective does not call where they are ‘there’ they call it ‘here.’  ‘There’ is that place where we plan to be in the future.  ‘There’ is that place where we were before.  ‘There’ is that place of greater glory we are all trying to get to.  ‘Here’ is that same place when we have arrived.

We all can get ‘there’ faster if we help one another.  “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  With an expanded viewpoint we can see that there is so much more to life than the here and now because beyond here and now is the place called ‘there.’  Even the Infinite Eternal Almighty Spirit says “I am more than this…I am here, there and beyond everywhere.”  ‘There’ then, is the ultimate place we are all reaching for because of our natural tendency to move in the direction of greater personal and financial and spiritual fulfillment.  ‘There’ is the place that is always beyond ‘here.’   ‘There’ is that place that is anywhere but ‘here.’

The greatest ‘There’ becoming ‘Here’ is what we refer to as enlightenment because this is the point where we have reached the highest star and have or manifested the highest dream or in the realization that there really is no ‘there’ but only ‘here.’  This is the highest state of consciousness when there is no otherness about anything, but only Is-ness about everything.

Our constant or never ending choice is, stay here or go there.  Action or movement is required to get from where we are and where we want to go.  Nothing happens until something moves.  Knowledge is the link connecting the Knower and the Known, which also serves as the bridge between here and there.  In the end if we drop the letter W from the word ‘Where’ and drop the letter T from the word ‘There’ – this will spell and return us to ‘Here.’

Eternal Blessings

This week’s message is dedicated to my friend Paul Mandell.  Paul is an upbeat and inspirational entrepreneur.  Paul is the founder and CEO of Party Club Poker.  Paul is so passionate about supporting charities that he has integrated ways for people to participate in online gaming that is not only fun and profitable but also rewarding.  He has a variety of ways that anyone can participate.  For more info please go to

Reverend Thabiti is the inventor of the Time-Map System which provides its users with instant illuminated empowerment and is exclusively available at   He also writes the Mars vs. Venus Column in Las Vegas Woman Magazine and officiates in weddings, funerals and various ceremonial invocations.  He can be reached directly at

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