Ghost Adventures Kicks Off Season 11 with Trip to Edinburgh Manor

ghost adventures season 11By Joe Buda

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When I think of creepy locations, at the top of my list are older, abandoned asylums. The theory is that the mentally insane who once resided there resonated a lot of negative energy. This energy becomes trapped in the building and cannot escape, even upon death.

In Scotch Grove, Iowa there is such a place, the 150-year-old Edinburgh Manor.  And that was the perfect location for “Ghost Adventures” season 11 premiere.

“Ghost Adventures” stars Zak Bagans as the lead investigator. Assisting Bagans is fellow investigator Aaron Goodwin and technical experts Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley. There is one other cast member that is present in each episode, the location itself.

“Ghost Adventures” exists as a documentary of Bagans’ and Goodwin’s experiences with the supernatural as well as the life within the haunted locations that are investigated.

And Edinburgh Manor still has plenty of life in it.

As someone who enjoys history, a highpoint of each “Ghost Adventures” episode is the telling of the story of the location. Why is it haunted? What was it? During the beginning of each episode these topics are researched. This episode was no different and did not disappoint.

Multiple people were interviewed, including other paranormal investigators (Josh and Hannah Hopkins) and eyewitnesses. The highpoint for me, though, was Bagans delving into old documents, including a letter from 1882.

This all gave perspective to the identity of Edinburgh Manor. The Manor, being a former asylum, has dark secrets. One is that it is haunted by a slim, tall, dark entity called “The Joker.” The entity has been known to harm people. Edinburgh Manor has its own demon.

An interesting point that Bagans brought up early on: were some of the insane people at the institution actually possessed. The show does very well at making you think and see the big picture behind each of its locations.

Next up was the lockdown. The weather was not cooperating, but added to the overall creepiness. There was a sudden rainstorm with a tornado touching down 20 miles away.

Several interesting pieces of evidence surfaced during the lockdown.

Early on in the lockdown, almost all of the electronic equipment started to malfunction. Multiple pieces of equipment, not just one, malfunctioned at the same time.

During another part of the lockdown, Tolley had a very interactive communication with a resident spirit.

While the evidence collected was impressive, what gave me pause was Bagans’ experience at the location. He was clearly affected by a presence and became unhinged. Not dangerous, but on edge.

What gave me pause was a thought I haven’t had before: after so many years of doing this, being exposed to dark energy, some of which has followed him home, has Bagans become a magnet for this type of energy. Is it automatically attracted to him?

This episode worked on all levels for me. I felt I learned a lot more about Edinburgh Manor, both the building and what exists in the building. It also provided a glimpse into the paranormal experiences of the investigators. After seeing the reactions of each investigator, I feel I know them better too.

While many shows would get stale going into season 11, “Ghost Adventures” is staying strong.

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  1. The ghost adventure team is absolutely wonderful. And what I love the most is that not only do they care for the spirits, but also to the people that the spirits effect!! Keep up the good work, and wouldn’t miss an episode!!!

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