Rhino CrossFit Challenge at Olympia (Gallery)

Written and photography by Joe Buda

Camp Rhino partnered with Powerhouse Gyms for the Rhino CrossFit Challenge at the Olympia Expo on Sept. 18 and 19, 2015.

Nine challenges were available for participants to attempt to dominate. The male and female winners of each event received $100. The overall male and female winners for all nine events received $1000.

Expo attendees were invited to try the Ninja Warrior Salmon Ladder. The Salmon Ladder drew crowds throughout the days, as participants received instruction from American Ninja Warrior competitor Dustin Rocho.

The event featured the debut of the Rhino Rig, a customizable workout zone that can be used for a multitude of workout types, including Ninja Warrior, Obstacle Course Racing, CrossFit and resistance training. The Rhino Rig is available from Camp Rhino.


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