Become a rock star with the gift of Monster Clarity HD High Definition In-Ear Headphones

By Debbie Hall
Informer Media Group

Well, maybe the holidays are not the best time to breakup but there is no reason to use generic headphones that are included with devices. Monster Clarity HD High Definition In-Ear Headphones is affordable, built to last and features one of the best audio experiences. Nov. 30 is Cyber Monday and there is information overload on what to purchase as gifts. While some buyers might not have camped out in the cold for Black Friday or fought the traffic on Small Business Saturday, exhaustion is in the air. Worse yet, along with holiday shopping, while trying to talk, listen to music or view a video, those crappy earbuds keep interfering with the sound. So many are faced with crappy headphones while trying to decide on the best gifts.

The In-Ear Headphones (as opposed to earbuds) offers a flat 4-foot cable with a low profile right angle 3.5mm connector. Other features include reinforced stress points, the ability to isolate noise and a Universal ControlTalk feature. There are also multiple sizes for comfort in the ear. Designs include neon pink, neon green, silver and while on black matte with a small Monster logo printed on the ControlTalk button and on the in-ear speakers. There is nothing wrong with a little self-promotion.

MHCLYIEN-PNKCU_128668_GLAM_01Next, is performance. Plugging the In-Ear Headphones into a device did demonstrate noise isolation. I own both an iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Tab4. I also use both a HP Desktop PC (great for my line of work) and MacBook. With these four devices, I proceeded to play a variety of music genres including Hip-Hop, ‘70s disco, classical, opera, rock, alternative and techno.

WOW! The clarity on any device is amazing. I could hear every pitch of the vocals, the clarity of lyrics, the bass of instruments (and vocals) and amazing notes. As for videos, movies and television shows, again the quality was amazing. I could clearly understand the dialog, the background noises (of the production), the soundtrack and the importance of the audio as part of the presentation.

There are the phone conversations which are just as important. My iPhone is connected to a 4G cellular network. I actually called someone in the United Kingdom and the clarity was as if we were in the same room. I spoke with people in small towns as well as Los Angeles and New York City with the best results. I Skyped several people and the clarity was just as good over a different network.

The Universal ControlTalk feature is a set of smartphone functions to control features such as answering or ending a phone call, declining a phone call, play or pause, skip tracks or launch voice control using one or more presses on the headphones’ button. It was great for both Siri (iPhone) and Google Now (Android). My only problem was the lack of documentation. I had to search online to answer any questions I might have.

Overall, this is a great purchase for either a present or personal use. For a 20 percent discount on all products on Monster, use promo code MonsterNation at checkout (offer is good until Dec. 25) and click here to buy.

Editor’s note: Monster Products did send a Monster Clarity HD High Definition In-Ear Headphones for a review. While the review is an honest assessment, for transparency, the reviewer did receive the product for personal use.

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