Misty Day Rocks the Downtown Grand

20160129_210427Looking for something new and exciting to sink your teeth into around the Valley at low cost? The band Misty Day is a five piece, all female, up and coming group that is making a splash extremely early in their time together. Although Misty Day is an original band, in order to get their name out there around the city of Las Vegas and hone their crafts together, they are playing some of people’s favorite songs from back in the 1990’s and today’s most popular tunes that range all the way from No Doubt and Garbage to Lady Gaga and even songs sung by male artists such as Pharell and Daft Punk’s hit “Get Lucky”. Misty Day’s shows currently last an amazing two to even three hours!

In the past three weeks, Misty Day has played for a packed house inside The Palms hotel and casino and most recently at the beautiful Downtown Grand casino which was formerly the Lady Luck near Fremont Street.

The Downtown Grand offers live music located directly on the casino floor as well as great drink prices with a variety of different themed bars, and even “E-Sports Tournaments” for cash as well as a large variety of tables and restaurants.  For more information on the Downtown Grand, contact 702-719-5100 as Misty Day will most likely be gracing the stage with their great performances again in the near future.

After the show at Downtown Grand I was able to catch up with lead vocalist and guitarist Chastity Paglinawan to ask her a few questions about Misty Day.


Las Vegas Informer: “How long did it take the band as a whole to learn so many songs to play such long entertaining sets”?

Chastity Paglinawan: “I think it took us about a month and a half including the choreography and background vocals for the entire performance to come together”.

LVI: “What genres of music does the band enjoy playing the most during your performances”?

CP: “As far as genres go we all have different tastes in music, which makes for a wide variety of songs during our sets, however Misty Day’s original tunes are mostly darker alternative rock, which we all enjoy playing the most”.

LVI: “What is Misty Day’s ultimate goal as a band”?

CP: “I think our ultimate goals are to be playing at the top venues around the Valley, constantly adding new songs to our set, traveling for shows around the country, and recording an all original album in 2016”.


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