Mick Foley Hits the Comedy Stage at Southpoint

Former WWE Superstar Mick Foley has gone funny! Foley is traveling the country now a days with Nathan Orton, (brother of WWE’s Randy Orton) and the reverend Bob Levy performing a hilarious show that ranges from the raunchy humor of Bob Levy, to Mick Foley’s stories of traveling on the road in WWE (formerly WWF).

Mick-foley-at-signingFriday night Foley graced the Southpoint Hotel and Casino Showroom for one of his last performances in Las Vegas of 2016. Foley told stories ranging from his early days in ECW as Cactus Jack, to his part time appearances in today’s industry.

Foley began his story telling by explaining why he went from being Cactus Jack in ECW to becoming Mankind in WWE. “Well, you see when I finally got my chance in WWE Vince McMahan said I was lacking only one thing, I didn’t look like a star, he then proceeded to cover my face, dress me up like a UPS guy and give me a funeral theme as my entrance music”.

Needless to say, the mask and bad entrance music without any sort of pyrotechnic display didn’t stop Foley from becoming one of the WWE’s most loved wrestlers. Foley’s career lasted over 20 years in the industry and is responsible for some of the greatest matches in the industry’s history which included the infamous Hell in the Cell match against The Undertaker where he was thrown from the top of the cell on top of the announce table below. After the vicious fall, Foley then got up again climbing the cell again only to be thrown this time through it onto tacks.

Foley’s career is one of a Hall of Famers dream, traveling the world, performing his much loved craft to millions of people and even held the prestigious WWE World Championship.

After the show I was able to ask Mick just one question:

Las Vegas Informer: “With all the problems going on now a days with CTE and concussions having a major effect on other athletes in the sporting world, do you worry about yourself and how it may affect you, and are you feeling any effects now?”

In his very typical hilarious sense of humor Foley answered:

Mick Foley: “What was that question? no I’m kidding, as I sit here in Atlanta Georgia, no im kidding again, that’s a serious question that deserves a serious answer, yes I myself am extremely worried about it from the amount of punishment I’ve taken throughout the years. I was actually told by a doctor about five years before I retired that I should never step foot in a ring again, but we all see how that turned out. But to answer your question, I’m ok now but I am worried about the consequences of my actions during my career.”

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