Las Vegas Welcomes Filmmakers at the 9th Annual Las Vegas Film Fest

Written and photography by Nikki Artale


Filmmakers, screen writers, actors and actresses and fans from all over the world came to Las Vegas for the 9th Annual Film Fest.  Over 80 films were shown at Inspire Theatre, Freemont Country Club and Brenden Theaters at the Palms from June 7-12, 2016. The six day event showcased original feature films, documentaries and short stories along with foreign films, shorts, music videos and screen plays from around the world.


The films were outstanding and one feature that stood out was Dealer, an anthology starring Lundon Boyd as Kelly and had four directors, Jeremy Cloe, Jerry & Mike Thompson, Cody & Ryan LeBoeur and Adam Zielinski. Kelly finds out that he must become a drug dealer and deliver four illegal packages within 24 hours. It is a wild adventure portraying a dark humorous story with Kelly in an outstanding role. The film was directed by Lundon Boyd produced by Chuck Akin. 

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Filmed in Las Vegas was “The Track” produced by Domenica Castro and directed by Brett Levner. It is a powerful film about a suburban mother who meets a teenage prostitute and they form a mother daughter bond. The film won for Best Local Feature and Best First time Director 


Ryan LeBoeuf and Cody LeBoeuf directed “Rabbit Days” starring Professor Clarence Gilyard, who was outstanding in his role of an eccentric theater director who invites a few people up to his cabin for a dinner party.

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The Las Vegas Film Festival gives the independent filmmakers an opportunity to meet and network and screen their movies and hopefully win awards and distribution deals. As always a director’s lounge is set up providing food and drinks for everyone. This was an exciting film festival with excellent films. A special thank you goes out to the festival team and we look forward to the next LVFF.  

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