Welcome to the 21st Century, Fax!

by Cathy Habas

If you think the fax machine’s time has come and gone, think again! In our world of computers and smart phones, fax machines still have a place. In fact, they streamline office workflows by eliminating the need to open an email and print out a document. But when, for example, your doctor’s office requests something via fax, it certainly isn’t convenient for you to have to locate the nearest fax machine and then try to remember how to use it. That’s what makes apps like eFax so brilliant!

Information transfer technology has been evolving for centuries, and faxing is no exception. Gone are the days when both the sender and recipient needed a clunky machine to send hard copies of documents. Now, an app can take the place of one of those machines. Sending a fax in 2016 is as simple as sending an email. Check out this infographic to see just how far we’ve come in the world of fax!

Infographic Source: Fast Fax Facts You May Not Know About!


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