Tami Belt: Las Vegas native publishes ‘Poetic Justice, Lessons of Love, Life & Relationships’

Tami BeltBy Ashley Glenn

Tami Belt loves telling other people’s stories, but recently Belt’s own stories have been published. A writer as well as a publicist, Belt has recently published her collection of poetry in her new book “Poetic Justice, Lessons of Love, Life & Relationships.” Recently, a book signing was held at Writer’s Block bookstore where friends and fans gathered to celebrate the recent publishing. At the signing, Belt read some of the poetry found in her book such as, “Imagine” and “I Want Starry Nights.”

“I started telling stories when I was a child because they literally saved my life,” Belt said. “The reason I tell stories for a living now is because I know how important it is for people to get their story out because, like everyone else, I didn’t feel I was being heard. So I started telling my own story.”

While Belt explained that her favorite poem depends on the day, each one she wrote holds a very special meaning for her. The book catches the authenticity of the feelings she had when she wrote each line and the poems have hardly been altered from when she originally wrote them. Each poem she compared to a “photograph” as it captures a feeling in a moment of time that she felt.

To have the community come together for the signing was astounding. Throughout the chapters of her life, Belt has shared different poems with different meanings with others in hopes of reaching out and helping. “This book, it’s not about me or my poems. It’s about the human experience because everyone goes through the same thing,” she stated. “So to have people from all different phases of life come and support me … It’s overwhelming.”

The inspiration for each poem was raw emotion. Belt explained while fans questioned her writing process if there was anything in particular that drove her and she explained that when she needed to write something, she simply would. Her inspiration didn’t always come from specific events in her life but rather the emotions she felt during the time.

About two years ago, Belt decided to publish her poems into a novel. “Everybody has a story that someone in the world needs to hear,” Belt said. “Everybody needs to share their story to be heard, to be understood and to get their feelings heard.” She hopes that her stories and poems will reach out to others and empower them.

Belt explained that there are different ways to tell a story, whether it is through art, music or writing. “The key is to be inspired and to act, because you never know who you’ll inspire to do the same.” As a woman who told other people’s stories, Belt is now celebrating being able to tell her own.

The book is available for purchase by clicking here or other outlets including Amazon.com.

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