The Empowerment Column 2016: The Gift of Life

By Rev. Thabiti

Las Vegas Informer

Each day in our Gift of Life comes loaded with infinite possibilities and unlimited opportunities.  Are we thankful for this or do we take it for granted? We are made in the image and likeness of Life because every Life can only come from Life.  All Life came from or began from One Life.  This is why we live in a Universe and not a Bi-verse or Tri-verse.  It is the ‘I Am Presence’ or ‘One Life’ expressed as each and every one of us and as every plant and every animal or insect.  Everything that lives simply wants to be satisfied.

today is a gift

n the human race, to be born starts off as a race right at the exact moment our father fires his shot into our mother.  We needed to be the first sperm cell to reach our mother’s egg just to be born in the first place and there are no second or third place prizes.  All of the other sperm cells that we beat in this race wanted to win the prize or Gift of Life just as bad as you did.  In fact, every other sperm cell you competed against wishes they could trade places with you right now and would love to have all of the things you complain about or even take for granted.

From time to time we may find ourselves running around like chickens with their heads cut off or perhaps we end up with a sense of confusion that usually happens at the same time we reach the realization of not knowing if we are coming or going.  We may have turned left when we should have turned right or talking when we should have remained silent or even acting when we should have remained still.  Here’s a funny quote…

“I can either stay home wanting to go out or I can go out to end up wishing I had stayed home.”

Today we are so consumed with such a vast variety of activities that our whole life can pass us by and before we know it we wake up one day wondering “Where did my life go?”  We were so busy that we did not stop to smell the roses or notice the beautiful thing that someone did or said to us today.  We might not notice all of the collaborative effort to build our highways, bridges and architectural achievements.  We might overlook that there is something that makes sure that comets and asteroids do not crash into the Moon or the Earth.

Did we notice that something makes sure that we breathe and that our hearts beat or that we don’t have to remember to turn on our liver or kidney?  Isn’t it so nice that if we get injured or sick that we have been given something to help us heal? 

The Giver and Provider of All Things has given us more than we know what to do with and still we remain obsessed with getting more and more as if we lack.  We have more books than we can read, more websites than we can click on, and more ways to make money than we can ever learn about.  We have more people than we can meet, more places than we can go and more stars than we can count.  Therefore, scarcity, lack and limitations are illusions created by a mind that does not know that abundance is our ultimate reality.

We do our best to “Keep up with the Jones’s” out of some kind of intrinsic fear of being left behind that could be causing us to miss out on the best part of Life itself and the real reason for being alive in it.  There is no gift greater than Life because without Life there is nothing.  Life is the greatest of all gifts because it is also our greatest teacher which has an unerring way of putting us all in the perfect situations and circumstances necessary for our growth and development into higher states of consciousness or for our Soul to become more spiritually awake and aware.

In other words, you are in the situation you are in because something is trying to wake you up.  All we have to do is be willing and available to be guided by the truth which is constantly revealing itself but what makes people so unhappy is when the truth is not being what they want it to be or when Life is not going their way.  We cannot control everything but we can control our response to anything and how we respond to anything that happens reveals the truth about our level of spiritual maturity.

Our relationship to Life is the same as a Mother/Child relationship.  For example, when a baby gets dirty the mother puts the baby in the bathtub.  The baby may cry, kick and scream in protest but the mother with such a sweet, beautiful and Divine love washes the baby anyway because she knows that the baby does not understand the potential harmful effects of germs or bacteria.  This is what’s happening whenever we see everyday people crying kicking, screaming and complaining.  Mother Nature has them in the bathtub and she knows once again, the baby does not understand.

Please never forget this Universal Law of Life that evidently most people are unaware of; “The more we complain, the more we shall be given to complain about and the more we become grateful, the more we shall be given to be grateful for.”  After someone loses everything they have in a fire or flood or tornado you can bet that each time all of those victims wish they could have back the same problems they were just complaining about before it happened.

Stress is caused by being at odds with what is.  Unhappy people are trying to squeeze the vastness of Life into their narrow perception of the way they think Life is supposed to be.  Life does not go anybody’s way!  Life goes its own way and all we have do is calibrate ourselves within and align ourselves with the flow of Life.  This is why we must always move in the direction of the support and avoid things that waste time, energy, money and people.  When we learn to love what we get in Life, then and only then, will we always get what we love.   

Eternal Blessings

This week’s message is dedicated to my amazing new friend Sergio Love of Las Vegas.  I just love “The Serge!”  He is the brother we all wish we had.  He is a super achiever entrepreneur and absolutely the most fun to be around if you love to laugh or have fun.  He is very generous, loving, respectful, supportive and intellectually brilliant.  I cannot think about The Serge without smiling.  He is the kind of goodness that simply touches and inspires.  I am so fortunate and grateful for the joy of his presence in my life.   

Reverend Thabiti is internationally known as the world’s most accurate personal forecast expert. His Time-Map System at provides illuminated directional guidance to those who want to see which way leads to what they seek to accomplish.  Reverend Thabiti is also author of the books, ‘All About You.’ and ‘The Secret Wisdom of the Ages.’  He is an international expert in fasting being showcased in the upcoming movie documentary being released later this year entitled “The Illumined Ones.”  He is the producer and host of the radio show “A Golden Moment” and writes the Inspiration Section in Las Vegas Woman Magazine and he also officiates at weddings, funerals and event or ceremonial invocations.  You can connect with ‘The Rev’ on Twitter @52PlayingCards or email and he’s now available for speaking engagements at this link

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