The Empowerment Column 2016: Why Do We Suffer?

By Rev. Thabiti

Las Vegas Informer

Suffering is the result of weakness.  Suffering happens if we don’t have enough of something that we need.  We suffer consequences if we do things the wrong way and we are rewarded with good results whenever we do things the right way.  We suffer consequences when we are out of integrity or standing on the wrong side of the truth.  A lack of integrity equals a loss of power and a loss of power makes it more difficult to make our simple lives work.

why do we suffer

Something that is intrinsic to us all is that we all share a common disapproval to suffering.  It makes us sad to watch it happen to those we love.  We invent things to help us prevent or avoid suffering.  Hunters will shoot a captured animal in the head to end its suffering.  The doctors perform surgery and/or prescribe medicines to offset or alleviate suffering.  Lawsuit penalties for pain and suffering are extremely expensive.

In other cases suffering means we broke a natural law.  For example, if we do something that obstructs our ability to breathe, we die, or eating bad foods combined with a lack of exercise is guaranteed to result in poor health and premature death. 

Too many of us suffer because we could not be taught.  Scripture says “And the meek shall inherit the Earth” and meek means ’teachable.’  This is why it is pointless to waste time trying to teach a “Know it all.”  In Life there are 2 types of people; those who are humble – and those who are about to become humbled.  Suffering makes us humble.  The more humble we are the more teachable we are.  The more we suffer the more we learn what not to do

If we run out of money, we suffer.  For example, they will foreclose on or evict you from your home, repossess your car and disconnect your phone if you run out of money. 

We suffer if we do things the wrong way which are commonly referred to as mistakes or Oops!  What happens if we forget to take our meds or pay our bills? 

If we run out of anything we need we will suffer.    

We can suffer consequences if we don’t keep our end of the deals we make.  We can suffer consequences for lying, cheating or stealing.  We can suffer for causing others to suffer.  We can suffer the loss of a friend or lover over an argument or disagreement. 

Suffering is Nature’s way of telling us that we are going the wrong way on something or that we overlooked or neglected attending to something of vital importance.  There is no such thing as failure, only feedback but we must be alert, aware and paying attention.  We must also realize that Life itself is our greatest teacher that has an unerring way of putting us all in the perfect situations and circumstances necessary for our growth and development into higher states of consciousness.  Life guides us in ways for our Soul to become more spiritually aware and spiritually awake.  We are in our suffering predicaments because something is trying to wake us up.

The ultimate reality of our existence is…we are either standing with the truth or we will have to face the truth but either way the truth is guaranteed to win.  Living on the right side of the truth is rewarding and fulfilling while living on the wrong side of the truth is why we must suffer.

Eternal Blessings

This week’s message is lovingly dedicated to my long time friend Ryan Steil of Las Vegas.  I’ve been best friends with Ryan, his Mom and his entire family for so long they all treat me like I’m part of the family.  Ryan is a sharp, witty and spirited soul who is destined for greatness.  Ryan, I just want to send a huge shout out to you with a heart filled with gratitude for the joy I get from your continued presence in my life year after year.

Reverend Thabiti is internationally known as the world’s most accurate personal forecast expert. His Time-Map System at provides illuminated directional guidance to those who want to see which way leads to what they seek to accomplish.  Reverend Thabiti is also author of the books, ‘All About You.’ and ‘The Secret Wisdom of the Ages.’  He a radio talk show host and writes the Inspiration Section in Las Vegas Woman Magazine and he also officiates at weddings, funerals and event or ceremonial invocations.  You can connect with ‘The Rev’ on Twitter @52PlayingCards and he’s now available for speaking engagements at this link

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