The Empowerment Column 2016: Like it or Not

By Rev. Thabiti

Las Vegas Informer

One undeniable aspect of our existence is that whatever it is that operates the Universe and governs Life itself does not require or seek our permission or approval to be what it is or operate as it does.  It does whatever it wants to do anytime – anywhere and/or whenever – whether we like it or not.    

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Then there is this something called The Truth.  The Truth is what it is whether we like it or not.  Whenever someone s unhappy it is for the same fundamental reason.  It is because Life is not going their way.  The Truth is not being what they want it to be.  The mistake being made here is the attempt to squeeze the vastness of Life or what the real truth is into our narrow perception of what we think it should be. 

Life does not conform to us – we must conform to it along with the rules governing existence whether we like it or not.  For example, everyone has to breathe regardless of our opinions and beliefs.  Everyone gets only 24 hours per day whether we like it or not.  In other words Life does not go anybody’s way, Life goes its own way whether we like it or not and we must calibrate ourselves within and align our new way of living as and along with the way of Life itself.  We go with the flow by moving in the direction of the support instead of swimming upstream against it trying to manipulate the outcome of events.

Your life is your greatest teacher which has an unerring way of putting you in the perfect situations and circumstances (including reading this article right now) necessary for your growth and development into higher states of consciousness.  You are happening as the adventure of your Soul becoming more and more spiritually awake and aware.  The Truth is always revealing itself but often times it is ignored or overlooked and we suffer vast and constant consequences for this. 

Once we accept and yield to the greater reality that Life and The Absolute Truth about it does not care at all if you like the way it is or not then we will begin to have more joy, more peace and more amazing possibilities.  Stress is caused by being at odds with what is.  The ‘What Is’ and ‘The Truth’ are the same identical thing.  Neither cares about your feelings or opinions.  It is the way it is whether you like it or not.  Once again it does not seek our approval or permission to be what it is or operate as it does at anytime it wants to be that.  “I Am That – Thou art that – All this is that”

The goal of life is fulfillment.  Everything that lives simply wants to be satisfied. Fulfillment comes from achievement.  Achievement comes from right action.  Right action comes from right thinking.  Right thinking comes from right being.  Right being means going with the flow and accepting what is. 

Eternal Blessings

This week’s message is dedicated to my neighbor and friend Ivanka Sarincic of Las Vegas.  She is happily married to her husband and they are here together from Germany.  Ivanka is a multi talented super achiever.  She is a gifted artist and fluent in several languages.  Ivanka is one of the kindest and sweetest people one could ever meet.  She is extremely good natured and loves to take walks for exercise and fresh air which is how we met.

She is very educated in and has spent many years specializing in health and wellness.  With all of the tensions and hostilities and downright nasty attitudes in the US lately it is so refreshing to meet wonderful people like Ivanka.  She is always upbeat in spite of her own challenges.  Please treat yourself to a peek at her artwork on display at

Reverend Thabiti is internationally known as the world’s most accurate personal forecast expert. His Time-Map System at provides illuminated directional guidance to those who want to see which way leads to what they seek to accomplish.  Reverend Thabiti is also author of the books, ‘All About You.’ and ‘The Secret Wisdom of the Ages.’  He writes the Inspiration Section in Las Vegas Woman Magazine and he also officiates at weddings, funerals and event or ceremonial invocations.  You can connect with ‘The Rev’ on Twitter @52PlayingCards or email him at

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