Ulta Beauty Brings Glamour to Town Square

ulta twoBy Ashley Glenn, Informer Media Group

Ulta Beauty has opened its latest store in Las Vegas at Town Square with a mission to help every beauty lover get the full salon experience. The new store opened on Nov. 4 with a line out the door as eager shoppers waited for the new store to open. While customers were eager to see the new store’s location and its wide variety of beauty services and brands, Ulta employees were even more excited to bring glamour to Town Square.

This new location will provide approximately 20,000 beauty products and salon services at a 10,000 square foot store. With over 907 retail stores across 48 states, and the District of Columbia, Las Vegas will be adding another store to the list of the largest beauty retailer in the United States.

The opening included special deals for the first 100 customers and provided beauty experts all weekend long to offer free makeovers and consolations. This excellent customer service is one of Ulta’s trademarks, as it’s known for its popular loyalty program. This program is free of charge and offers a point for every dollar spent on products, hair, skin or brow services and on Ulta’s online shop.

Some of the employees gave insight to some of the latest trends that Ulta helps its customers.

“A lot of people are coming in for darker colors now that it’s fall,” said Courtney Galvan, the prestige manager for Ulta. “Basically fall colors are starting to roll in and summer colors are starting to roll out.” Galvan also said that trends such as contouring, baking and highlighting have also been huge trends that people often come in the store looking for. Popular brands such as NYX, Urban Decay, Tarte and Anastasia Beverly Hills are also a heavy demand at the store.

But it isn’t just trends that people go to Ulta for, it’s also the feeling of confidence that comes after a complete makeover.

“We get to meet all kinds of people and help them feel beautiful,” said Christa Miller, associate manager of operations. “Any walk of life is coming through the door and we’re helping them to feel comfortable in their skin.”

Miller and Galvan both feel that their work leads them to giving people the excellent care they deserve. Galvan said that it isn’t about the makeup so much as it is about the feeling being given to people; to her, they will be beautiful regardless.

With the holiday season in full swing, Ulta’s new location at Town Square is one of the stores to stop and fill out that wish list. For more information on Ulta Beauty’s programs, deals and products, go to ulta.com.

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