Nevada Medical Center and Nevada Action Coalition Band Together in the Name of Improving Healthcare

Two nonprofit healthcare organizations are joining forces to improve access to nursing and other needed healthcare in Nevada. Nevada Medical Center and Nevada Action Coalition are proud to announce that the Nevada Medical Center was approved as the non-nursing partner of the Nevada Action Coalition.

The Nevada Action Coalition is part of a nationwide commitment – Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action – to enhance health care through best practices in the nursing industry. Increased educational opportunities, which will ultimately prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health care in the Silver State, are at the core of the Nevada Action Coalition.

“It is the mission of the Nevada Medical Center to improve the health of Nevadans and Nevada’s healthcare system by promoting and supporting collaboration and cooperation in the medical community and establishing performance metrics and health indicators to identify priorities and measure community success,” said Larry Matheis, executive director of Nevada Medical Center. “This partnership with the Nevada Action Coalition and the Nevada nursing community represents a major step toward accomplishing that mission.”

Through its partnership with the Nevada Medical Center, the Nevada Action Coalition seeks to address the mounting health care needs in Nevada by establishing a more diverse nursing workforce.

“The goal of the Nevada Action Coalition is to champion, through strategic collaboration, access to high quality healthcare for all Nevadans where nurses contribute as essential partners,” said Dr. Debra A. Toney, chair of the Nevada Action Coalition. “We believe that the collaboration with the Nevada Medical Center as our non-nursing partner presents us with significant opportunities to increase the effectiveness of our mission.”

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