Zando Photography Captures Female Confidence with Boudoir Pictures

By Guy Dawson

Martina Zandonella, owner of Zando Photography, has turned her passion for taking pictures into a successful business. Zandonella’s company specializes in boudoir photography. Boudoir is French that means “a woman’s private sitting room.” She said that her provocative photographs help women improve their confidence and self-image.

“My business is based on trust and relationships,” she said. “I create a safe environment for women to explore their sensuality. Preparation is the key component to a successful boudoir photo shoot and most photographers don’t prepare their clients as well as I do. We spend quite a bit of quality time together during consultations. I give women the time to relax, have fun and display their inner confidence. Professional hair and make-up people often accompany us on the photoshoots to enhance their visual appeal.”

Zandonella said that her photography customers include women and couples from all walks of life who are adventurous and love the outdoors.

“Businesswomen, mothers and women of every size and shape increase their confidence with outstanding photo images of themselves,” she said. “I discover the styles and angles that best suit my clients and that helps us produce beautiful, highly personalized photography.”

According to Zandonella, boudoir photography is an outstanding vehicle for everyday women to express themselves artistically.

“You get a reward for doing things that scare you,” she said. “I want women to get their grit out during our photo shoots. When they feel unencumbered, they create amazing, memorable photographs. Taking photographs helps women deliver positive messages. We do photo shoots that display their true essence. I love the challenge of creatively photographing women and capturing their confidence. The photos that we take are classy and contemporary magazine-quality images.”

Many of Zando Photography’s lifestyle photo shoots are held on location in the outdoors and nature serves as the boudoir. Women of all ages have been empowered in the secure and private environments that Zandonella creates. Several of her clients have been women who in their 70s. They gifted their husbands boudoir photographs for their 50th wedding anniversaries.

Born in Italy, Zandonella comes from a family of artists. Her eclectic upbringing has given her a keen sense of class and fashion and photography has become her form of artistic expression. Her photographs have recently graced the pages of Luxury Magazine, Rock & Ice Magazine, Desert Companion Magazine and Climb Magazine.

“I have always loved photography, but I never considered doing it as a business until I moved to the United States three years ago,” she said. “It’s a lot easier to start a business in the U.S than in Europe. Photography has truly become my passion and purpose. Helping others improve their self-confidence with my woman-based boudoir photography business is an unbelievably rewarding experience.”

A former economics teacher, Zandonella is military wife who has lived in a host of countries including France, Germany, England and Switzerland.

For more information about Zando Photography or to book a photo shoot, call (702) 826-1779 or visit

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