Rock Kendall Jenner’s Wet Look Hair style this Holiday Season

By David Antunes

Now you can master this easy and sexy wet look trend with just one product, Truss Professional Acqua Gel. For this slicked type of look it’s about using the right product and Acqua Gel is a flexible gel with no flaking.

First start with a small amount of Acqua Gel to wet/or damp hair and comb through. Run it as close to the scalp from the front to the back in smooth tight motions. Blow dry hair away from the face until fully dried. Once hair is completely dried brush to make sure it is knot free.

Using a teasing brush, take down your top center section of the hair and backcomb sections, starting from the back of the hair and working forward giving the hair some height. Brush back and make sure it is smooth.

Apply Acqua Gel Truss to the sides working your way into the back of the hair. But you don’t want to apply gel to the length of your hair (that will make it crunchy and unnatural). Make sure you focus on the sides to create the wet look. Using your fingers, comb hair again from front to back to make sure to eliminate any bumps and to create a smooth wet look. Your fingers are your best styling tools to smooth any flyaways and to give it a more natural look. Do not touch and allow to dry. Finish with a hairspray.

It’s an easy trend to follow, just make sure to use the right styling product that stays pliable. Acqua Gel gives hair the appearance of being wet because the gel contains large amounts of water and holds it in the hair. Acqua Gel’s formula promotes long-lasting shine, prevents split ends and restores strength and resistance. Acqua Gel contains a fixation polymer that builds body and smoothness, while conditioning and providing flexible hold and it is alcohol-free.

This slicked look will definitely show off one’s features and the ultimate goal a polish sophisticated wet look.

A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, David Antunes is owner of Hair by David, a Kearny, NJ salon. David has 20+ years working with clientele including Madonna, Al Pacino, George Clooney, Kim Cattrall and Betsey Johnson. He is a master educator for Truss Professional products.

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