SEVA Beauty Specialist Shares New Year’s Looks into 2017

Glitter shadow and warm , rosy colors are an excellent New Year’s Eve party look.

Seva Beauty locations in Henderson and Las Vegas have been busy during the holiday season with clients coming in for eyelash extensions, brow grooming and makeup applications.

Manager Tasha Broom, an esthetician and makeup artist,  said dramatic looks are very popular this season with dramatic makeup and lashes. “Our clients are asking for a lot of eye pop,  glitter and color. People want to be seen.”

Broom shared five tips for winter looks:

1.     If you are going to get your makeup done, have your  hair done first.  “Makeup should be the last thing you do, so that you have a fresh and flawless look.”

2.     Try glitter.  “Glitter is very popular this season.  Everyone wants the glitter look.  Glitter is fun over a smoky eye or with natural colors.”

3.     Experiment with silver and gold looks for the eyes if you’re going to a party,

4.     If you are doing your own makeup and only have time for a quick look, focus on your eyes and lips first.  “A little eyeliner and lip gloss make a big difference in your look.”

5. If you are getting lash extensions or strip lashes, experiment with different lengths.  Cat eye looks are particularly popular, Broom said.

Seva’s location on 540 Marks Street in Henderson and  8060 West Tropical Parkway in Las Vegas  (both inside Wal-Mart) will be open on New Year’s Eve from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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