Why Concrete is the Perfect Choice for Sustainable Building

Concrete has become the sustainable, green choice for builders and contractors.  Fortunately, there is a shift in thinking towards using the most environmentally friendly materials available.  Concrete fulfills these wishes.  It wasn’t long ago that the idea of using concrete as a primary building material seemed cold and lacked character.  But, those days are long gone and the advancements in concrete have changed that entirely.  Contractors, architects and homeowners are all collectively moving towards a more sustainable building materials and a more sustainable way of life.  And, the environment is breathing a sigh of relief.  

What is sustainability?

In the case of building a home, sustainability means the materials you use will have a long lifespan, are inexpensive, easy to maintain and will not alter the environment detrimentally.  You would be hard-pressed to find alternative materials that fulfill these kinds of requirements.  

While concrete may emit CO2 gases in the production process, the ability to substitute various other materials allows for reducing these emissions while also improving concrete’s strength and longevity.  This lowers the environmental impact that concrete has and ultimately enables concrete to be one of the greenest building materials available.  

The purpose of sustainable living is to help preserve our earth for future generations. We currently only live on one planet within our entire universe—as far as we know. And, resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. We can’t afford to keep using up everything nature provides without disastrous consequences. Many of earth’s offerings have finite supplies. But, concrete is different.

With concrete, you can feel good about how little it impacts the environment. You want to use a building material which can be easily and quickly replenished. You don’t want to use materials that require massive production and transportation. Plus, concrete isn’t only sustainable—it is durable. This means you don’t have to worry often about repairs and maintenance.

Having to rebuild harms the environment because you will then have to use more materials, and require an increase in transportation to move those materials. Concrete can last decades with minimal maintenance. Companies such as Texcon Ready mix offer supplies which are meant to withstand extreme weather conditions without missing a beat. As a result, you are living sustainably since you don’t have to keep repairing and taking more of the earth’s resources.

Save on building costs

Concrete is a building material that is made from sand, gravel, cement and water.  All of these materials are readily available throughout the world and are easy to obtain.  Because of the abundance of the materials, concrete is relatively inexpensive to build a home with.  When you are building with lumber, the impact on the environment can be significant with deforestation and the production process.  Plus, harsh chemicals are used to treat lumber.  However, concrete is an all-natural material that is made from some of the most abundant minerals around the world.  In fact, you can calculate your concrete cost and pricing here.

Save on energy costs

Concrete has a natural ability to absorb heat.  This will lower your energy costs with cooling your home in the summer.  Concrete also has the ability to insulate from the cold making it easier to keep a home warm during those cold winter months, again, lowering your energy costs.  Ultimately, because of concrete’s green, natural abilities, not only do you save money up front, but you save money on your energy bills thereafter.  And, using less energy helps the environment. You might even consider installing solar panels on your roof for an increased reduction in energy costs.

Save on upkeep

One of the great sustainability factors of concrete is its upkeep.  There are minimal amounts necessary to maintain concrete for decades.  Concrete does not rust, erode, nor rot.  And, bugs are not going to eat away at your building’s structure forcing you to treat your entire home with chemical pesticides.  Concrete will easily outlive other building materials by double or triple the length of time.   Plus, all of the materials in concrete are recyclable, should the building be torn down or remodeled.  Imagine living in a concrete home which looks like this.

Do your part for the environment

Concrete is a green, sustainable building product.  It will outlast other building materials and has a lower impact on the environment versus other, more traditional materials.  Plus, energy costs throughout the life of the home are going to be lower due to concrete’s ability to absorb heat and insulate against the cold.  

Concrete is the option for going green

There are many reasons that concrete has become the best option for green building materials.  Concrete is sustainable and will last for many, many years.  Concrete is environmentally friendly using some of the most abundant minerals on planet earth.  This enables concrete to be an inexpensive alternative to other building materials.  And, with its energy-saving capabilities and low maintenance, your costs will be lower throughout the life of your home.  

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