Participants in Town Hall Discusses Las Vegas’ Growth in Medical Care

by Ashley Glenn, Informer Media Group

Clark County Medical Society, in partnership with the city of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Medical District and the UNLV School of Medicine held a Town Hall  on Jan. 26 to discuss the new growth expected in the city’s medical care. With prosperous new projects coming to the Las Vegas Medical District, residents can soon expect better care in their community.

“You can never have a world class city without world class medical care,” Mayor Carolyn Goodman said. “But the Las Vegas Medical District and the Medical School are priorities for me as they are for our council and certainly our city manager and our full staff.”

Mayor Goodman gave her introductory remarks to commemorate the incredible feats the Las Vegas community has made since the project began. Mayor Goodman has been working to increase the support Las Vegas gets in terms of its medical care and to help the community not only get doctors, but keep doctors. A good way to do this is through University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ new medical program.

“[It was]… the only school last year in the United States that was accredited,” Councilwoman Lois Tarkaniain said. “Here we are, we’re on the cusp of greatness here in Las Vegas…”

The new medical school has been a long-awaited project as an extension of UNLV and one that is looking to expand on Las Vegas’ Medical District. The hope is that, alongside this new medical school, there will be a revitalization of jobs within the area, specifically Ward One.

“I know when I moved here, it was just the casinos,” Tarkanian said. “Look how at we’re moving and look at how fast we’re going.”

The Founding Dean Barbara Atkinson was also in attendance to help explain everything from the course curriculum at the new medical school to the various changes Las Vegas can expect with this grand change to the local community.

“I spent the first six months here really talking to the community and finding out what the need was here,” Atkinson said. “And the need was more doctors, more really good doctors and more kinds of specialists.”

One issue Atkinson made a point on was that not only does the Las Vegas area need doctors, but it needs doctors who will stay within the community. The new medical school is looking to not only create a new class of professional, high-quality doctors, but to also have them stay within their local community and increase the quality of health care received here.

The curriculum for this school includes EMT certification within the first six weeks of the student’s education, problem-based learning within the first half year, virtual anatomy and microscopy and outpatient, multi-specialty clerkship.

Alongside this exciting new curriculum for students, there is also an expectation for a serious boost in Las Vegas’ local economy. The regional impact is set at $3.6 billion and the government revenue is set at $181 million.

This exciting new investment for the local Las Vegas Medical District has a lot to offer in hopes of enhancing the lives of every local citizen. To find out more about future plans for UNLV’s school of medicine, visit

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