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Basic Instinct: A Film for the Ages and Now a Game

When “Basic Instinct” was released back in the early ‘90s, the controversial film was met with major fanfare. Not only was the material very edgy for the time, but the movie also contained an infamous scene—of Sharon Stone crossing her legs—that went on to become a cultural touchstone. It’s no surprise that, decades later, people still enjoy watching this film. And any fans of Basic Instinct definitely need to check out the new Isoftbet Basic Instinct game that features iconic figures from the film.

Catherine Tramell: The Femme Fatale and Ice Queen Is Out to Get You

There’s a reason why the word “Tramell” actually translates to burial shroud. Stone’s iconic ice queen is out for herself—and she will do anything it takes to accomplish her ultimate goals; it doesn’t matter who is in the way. This incredible Isoftbet game will help players to remember all of their fondest memories of the movie. From the backdrop of San Francisco to the black Lotus Esprit that features so heavily in the film, it’s obvious from the outset that Nick Curran—who was played in the film by Michael Douglas—never really had a chance.

Memorable Items: Handcuffs, a Pistol and a Police Badge

When you play this game, the magnificent music will immediately give you a sense of the naughty nineties. Before the age of social media, remember, people could be mysterious. And no one was more mysterious than beautiful Catherine Tramell, who seemed to wrap everyone around her finger—even those who were supposed to be immune to her charms. With Catherine even showing up on the reels, you never know what to expect next when you play this game.

Use Your Bitcoin and Be Mysterious Like Catherine

Perhaps you are like Catherine Tramell and don’t necessarily want to be traced. As long as you don’t have an icepick—which is also featured in the game—you should be okay. Players who enjoy the luxury of using their Bitcoin will enjoy this game as well. After all, it’s so much more fun than getting into the car, heading to a live casino and having people stare at you if you win big. Why not get a thrill from Basic Instinct the game while playing in your own home? If you want, you can even put the film on at the same time and truly relive nineties nostalgia. The beauty of a Bitcoin casino is that you can do whatever you want.

Electronic Sounds and Some of the Most Gorgeous Graphics Ever

When you’re looking for an online slot game with an “X factor,” this is the one. The Basic Instinct game will take you back to simpler times, when the scenes in this film were truly shocking and wild. Terrific performances and beautiful cinematography make it ideal for its transformation into game form. You will look forward to every minute that you spend playing this game, and the fact that you can use Bitcoin makes it all the more appealing.

You’ll Be Seduced by This Extraordinary Game

You’ll find that few things in life are as relaxing as enjoying this stunning game from your own home. Not only will it provide chills and thrills, but you’ll also get some great nostalgia going. Players report that the payouts are fun, and it’s a slot game that everyone has to try at least once.

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