Student Caitlyn Gaddi’s Letter Wins New Furnishings for Teachers’ Lounge at Walter Johnson Junior High School

Walker Furniture’s 17th Annual Teacher Appreciation Day

Walker Furniture delivered all new furniture and accessories on Feb. 15 to Walter Johnson Junior High School compliments of Walker Furniture’s 17th annual Teacher Appreciation Day program.

Each year, Walker Furniture in cooperation with the Clark County School District School-Community Partnership Program gives students in Southern Nevada an opportunity to win new furnishings for their school’s teachers’ lounge by writing a letter describing their favorite teacher. More than 400 letters were received this year.

This year, Walter Johnson Junior High School was the winner, thanks to a letter written by 8th grade student, Caitlyn Gaddi, on behalf of her geography teacher, Robert Cuccurullo. Student and teacher were made aware of their shared honor when they entered the teachers’ lounge under a pretense by principal George A. Anas and Gaddi saw her mother, father and brother, and Linda Alterwitz, director of community projects for Walker Furniture and organizer of the Teacher Appreciation Day program, made the announcement. For her outstanding letter, Gaddi received $100 cash and Cuccurullo, who recently relocated from New York, was given a $150 Walker Furniture gift certificate.

The brand new furnishings for the lounge include a sofa, loveseat, two end tables, lamps, coffee table, bookcase, plants, and picture and mirror for the wall.

Following the announcement, Gaddi’s 29 classmates celebrated with a pizza party in the library, where the teacher and student were presented with certificates for their achievements. Walker Furniture will return to the school at a later date with a plaque and commemorative photos of the event for the school to keep.

In Gaddi’s outstanding letter to Walker Furniture, she wrote about Cuccurullo teaching in a unique way, treating students as responsible young adults, and getting to know their personalities. He doesn’t make students afraid to make mistakes, but rather to learn from them. She feels he really loves the school and after school even coaches games. Gaddi added that even if he taught her least favorite subject, she’d still like his class.

“While Walker Furniture contributes to many worthwhile causes each year, the Teacher Appreciation Day program is particularly meaningful because it involves our local students and their teachers,” said Alterwtiz. “The letters are so well written on behalf of so many wonderful teachers that choosing the winner is really challenging. We are delighted; however, to present Mr. Cuccurullo and the Walter Johnson Junior High School with new furnishings and to congratulate Caitlyn Gaddi for her well-written and heartfelt letter.”

After the event, a teacher told representatives of Walker Furniture how much the teachers appreciate the new furniture in the lounge.

Founded in 1955, Walker Furniture has served hundreds of thousands in Southern Nevada. Located in Las Vegas, the Walker Furniture campus is approximately 250,000 square feet. Walker and its affiliates is Southern Nevada’s premiere choice in providing home furnishings and design services. In 1994, Walker developed the Home For The Holidays program furnishing hundreds of homes to families in need in the Las Vegas Valley. For more information, visit or follow on twitter @walkerfurniture and for events, promotions and products.

Photos Courtesy of Walker Furniture

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