Motor Speedways Children’s Charities Gives a Fast and Fun Way to Give Back

By Ashley Glenn

Speedway Children’s Charities gave drivers the race of a lifetime, while supporting the children of Southern Nevada. On Sunday, Jan. 29, any car lover was welcomed to come down to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and ride on the superspeedway, doing laps to raise money for children in need at Speedway Children’s Charities’ Laps for Charity.

“That’s opportunities that NASCAR drivers really only have,” Paulette Anderson, the Chapter Director for Speedway Children’s Charities in Las Vegas, said, “So this was a great chance for them to bring their own car out here and it’s just blossomed from there.”

SCC has been doing this fundraiser for approximately seven years and, according to Anderson, it has been a great way for the community and car clubs to get involved in exciting festivities. From a couple hundred to close to a thousand, Anderson believes the event has blossomed into something everyone can have fun while doing good.

“We have so many different, unique vehicles out here,” Anderson said. “We’ve had RVs and motorcycles out here… As long as they can keep up with the pace cars, which is 75 mph, then they can drive.”

The ability to bring any car, so long as it is legal, out to the superspeedway to race at high speeds is an opportunity most take advantage of. And even sponsors were happy to come and partake in the festivities. Alongside Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the event was also sponsored by Big Valley Towing, Levy Restaurants, the CW Las Vegas, Channel 3 News Las Vegas, Lotus Broadcasting, the Las Vegas Review Journal, Coco Cola, Cashman Photo Enterprises and Ahern Rentals. All the money made from Laps for Charity stay in Southern Nevada to help children in need.

“We raise money all year through events like Laps for Charity,” Anderson said. “Just this past December, we gave 243,000 dollars to seven children’s charities.”

While the event has passed, SCC is nowhere near done helping the children of Southern Nevada. According to Anderson, the foundation is always looking for volunteers to help out with everything from planning committees to administrative help. SCC participates in events all throughout the year that anyone from the community can be a part of.

To find out more about SCC, their events and how to become a volunteer, you can visit their website at


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