Escapology Opens New Location in Las Vegas

By Ashley Glenn

From completing secret missions during the Cuban Missile Crisis to escaping a pirate ship, Escapology is providing Las Vegas the chance to solve mysteries and puzzles found nowhere else. Escapology is one of Las Vegas’ newest attractions in the escape game industry and it is providing a real life experience to thrill seekers young and old. The grand opening took place on Feb. 21 where everything from showgirls to a ribbon cutting was present for the celebration.

“We are thrilled to open our new venue in Vegas,” Escapology’s CEO Simon Davison said. “During the soft opening, which has probably been 60 to 70 days, we’ve managed to leapfrog nine other escape games in Las Vegas to be the number one escape game in Las Vegas.”

Marc Sameroff and his team “The Dipsomaniacs” escaped the Cuban Crisis toom in 39 minutes 46 seconds and are the winners of the Escape$1K Competition.

Escapology provides a number of themed games where teams of two to six can find clues, solve puzzles and escape within a 60 minute time window. Drinks and a photo are provided after the game giving players a premium experience that lasts over an hour.

“We’ve got six themed game rooms here in Las Vegas and we’ve got the capacity for another four,” Davison said. “ We’re currently building a submarine in Orlando that’s actually been launched today, however it’s already been sunk to the bottom of the ocean and you’ve only got one hour to escape.”

According to Davison, they are already in the process of building new games for players to experience. In the meantime, there are other extraordinary games people of any skill level can enjoy.

Representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Las Vegas and the Clark County district were also in attendance to congratulate the new business on its official opening. The attraction can be found on 2797 S Maryland Parkway and the city could not be happier for a new business making its mark on Las Vegas.

To find out more about pricing and different escape games available for play, visit Escapology’s website at

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