Anime Tea Host Holds a Ball for Local Fans

Otaku Ball at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

By Ashley Glenn

When it comes to the lovers of comic books, video games or anime, a local convention is usually hosted to bring a community together. But Anime Tea Host, a local maid cafe looking to open up next year, had something different in mind.

On Feb. 17, the cafe brought festivities, music and fun to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ campus in the Student Union & Event Services building. Featuring a variety of exciting events, the cafe showcased their maid services with a model cafe alongside a series of fun events ranging from raffles to dance off contests. With a masquerade themed ball, attendees were given everything from a mask to excellent service.

Unlike traditional balls, Tea Host worked to provide a series of activities one might commonly see at a convention. Everything from a master of games, otherwise known as King, vendors and even a murder mystery took place for the entertainment of attendees.

Those who participated could also play games with friends if there was some down time. Games such as Exploding Kittens or Super Smash Bros were available to all those who attended. Of course, being a maid cafe, the maids were also always active by either helping to host the events or even performing their own songs.

The cafe also had live classical music preformed to help set the mood of a ball. The music was inspired by Studio Ghibli’s famous soundtracks and helped to get everyone on the dance floor for a fun night of dancing. And if classical music wasn’t enough, the local JPop band, Ichigo Crush, came as the closing show to finish off the day.

The cafe also hosted a series of contests participants could enter to receive various prizes. Competitions included karaoke, dancing and cosplay contests for those who arrived decked out in full costume.The ball also hosted several raffles where those who purchased tickets could participate. Prizes included various candy packages, posters and other collectible items.

The Otaku Ball is one of several events Anime Tea Host has hosted in order to help fund their goal of opening a maid cafe in 2018. Proceeds from the ball go towards that goal and volunteers to help out with events such as the ball are also crucial.

To find out more about new events the cafe may be hosting, or how to become a volunteer host, visit its website at

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