Skye Canyon Hosts Race to run For a Good Cause

By Ashley Glenn

Getting outside to smell the fresh air is something many might take for granted; there are plenty of children who don’t get the opportunity to get outside and play in nature. The Outside Las Vegas Foundation has made it their mission to help children get out and get active, and this year marks is one year anniversary with Skye Canyon to host a race that will benefit the foundation.

“Skye Canyon was designed around that active, healthy lifestyle,” said Troy Meier, Skye Canyon’s lifestyle and fitness director. “It’s been a part of the community for residents to enjoy and take part in the programming that we offer.”

A 5K and 8K race will be offered by Skye Canyon in partnership with the Outside Las Vegas Foundation to help encourage the community to get involved. The Outside Las Vegas Foundation focuses not only on getting children outside, but also about appreciating and taking care of the environment they live in.

“Outside Las Vegas Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on connecting the community to our incredible outdoors,” said Mauricia Baca, the president of the Outside Las Vegas Foundation.“We do that through education programs… Two-thirds of our programs focus on low income, at risk youth who might not otherwise have the opportunity to get outside.”

The Outside Las Vegas Foundation has been prominent in changing children’s lives through their programs, getting 3,500 children out through their program with organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club. Skye Canyon feels that the Outside Las Vegas Foundation fits the values their park tries to preserve and influence to create a happier, healthier community. The race that marks their one year partnership will take place on March 19, offering both a 5K and 8K race to help benefit the Outside Las Vegas Foundation.

“To celebrate our successful year, we wanted to offer another 8K and 5K event,” said Meier. “The 5K will travel through the community neighborhood here at Skye Canyon as well as the 8K portion which will be the race component.”

There will also be a new trail runners will be traveling on during this race. Skye Canyon offers a beautiful scenery for such an event and is even hosting more activities that day, as the event is part of Skye Canyon’s annual Fit Fest. Fitness classes, Silent Savasana yoga, an artisanal market and active lifestyle vendor expo with various fun activities will be present to help mark the date of Skye Canyon’s one-year anniversary after the races.

“There’s something for everybody,” said Meier. “And it’s free to attend and open to the public.”

Meier is also a certified exercise physiologist through sports medicine, has a bachelors in fitness management, a level two fascial stretch therapist, and has worked in the fitness industry since 1999. With his background, he knows that running a 5K or 8K race can be intense. First time runners are advised to train prior to the event, and Meier has some tips for the best ways to get in shape for a good cause.

“Start slow if you’re a beginner,” said Meier. “A good way to do that is by combining walking with jogging, decreasing your walking time and increasing your jogging time.”

Joining a running group or getting a running partner can help support your training as well and make it more of a social activity, Meier advised. Cross training, swimming, hiking and yoga are also other great activities Mier suggests will help first time runners get in shape.

“I think overall, our community is becoming more aware of the fact that we have incredible outdoor resources,” said Baca. “And that it’s really important for our quality of life.”

Last year 200 participants were in attendance for the event and a portion of the proceeds did go to the Outside Las Vegas Foundation. This year, the hope is to get just as many runners to come out and participate in a beautiful race.

To sign up for this event, online registration is required. Visit the following link to sign up for the races and visit their website to find out more about the event, visit

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