‘Me, Myself and Eye’ Author Cynthia De Boer Enlightens on Invisible Disability

Cynthia De Boer.

By Guy Dawson

Cynthia De Boer sheds light on her personal experiences living with a prosthetic eye in her new book “Me, Myself and Eye.” The mission of the book is to help others who are going through the loss of an eye. The Society for the Prevention of Blindness estimates that 10,000-12,000 people in the United States lose an eye every year.

“I want people to know that they are not alone and to be compassionate with themselves,” De Boer said. “Even though you go through stages of grief and loss when you lose an eye, you can still live an amazing life. It can be difficult and challenging but you can come out of it as a stronger person. I believe that by getting this information out there, I am going to save people decades of pain and uncertainty.”

De Boer lost her left eye when she was 17-years-old due to health issues and an injury she received in an altercation. Me, Myself and Eye takes an intimate look into a seemingly surreal series of events that are thought provoking, honest, and at times heart wrenching.

“The title, ‘Me, Myself and Eye’ came to me in a dream,” De Boer said. “I call it an informational, min-memoir. It is a short book printed in large font because I don’t want people with eye issues to have to strain to read it. This book will appeal to doctors, ocularists, psychologists, their patients and their families. I address topics that are not commonly talked about to remove the stigma and ignorance that surrounds eye prosthesis. Sadly, there is very little information out there to help people.”

De Boer said that she has been pleased with the response she has received from both the medical community and eye prosthesis patients.

“It has been amazing to get confirmation from doctors and ocularists,” De Boer said. “Two physicians have called me and said that it’s about time that someone has written a book about eye prosthesis. One doctor gives my book to his new patients. I regularly get phone calls from patients and their families who want to know what they can do about their situations.”

Finding the humor in things is one of the keys to the sense of fulfillment and happiness that De Boer enjoys in her life in spite of her physical challenges.

“Laughter lightens the mood,” she said. “We need to lighten up and give ourselves a break. Losing an eye hasn’t made me less of a person, it has made me more of a human being. Fred DeVito said ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.’ My handicap has actually become an asset that has helped me grow.”

De Boer’s career highlights include attaining a C-3 Construction License and Real Estate License, successfully managing a home inspection/appraisal company and two health clubs as well as running an organizational consulting business and a home décor business.

For more information about Me, Myself and Eye visit MeMyselfandEyebook.com or email memyselfandeyebook@gmail.com.

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