Leadership Acceleration Pro Embraces Holistic Approach to Executive Coaching and Consulting

By Guy Dawson

More than 30 years of working in and training executives in corporate America prepared Kathy Chruma for the development of Leadership Acceleration Pro, a business, life, spiritual, coaching and consulting company. Leadership Acceleration Pro encompasses Chruma’s passion for helping others reach their potentials and grow companies. She’s fulfilling her passion with over 7,200 hours of coaching and consulting.

“Coaching is a gift that I have been blessed with,” she said. “It’s one of the purposes I was put here for. My background in consulting and training has given me a lot of insight into what helps people stay positive and focused. I also help them see things about themselves that they may not want to see. It’s all a part of the growth process in developing a happy and balanced life.”

Decades of corporate training and interaction with lot of people have taught Chruma the value of mentorship. Coworkers always came to her for advice and the companies she worked for would often seek her counsel when they were considering firing employees.

“I have learned how to listen to people better,” she said. “Leading with a servant’s heart requires me to meet you wherever you are in your life journey. Open, constructive communication is so important for effective leadership. You can get a lot more done with honey than with vinegar. If you’re a leader, people will want to follow you.”

Chruma is a John Maxwell-certified leadership coach, trainer and speaker, and she has also received business, life, spiritual and health coach certifications.

“It’s about you,” she said. “I decided to take a holistic approach to coaching and consulting rather than just focusing on business. Helping a person build their sense of self-worth affects all aspects of their growth. Sometimes, your personal life can be so upside down that we can’t really do much to improve your business. We are human beings, not human doings.”

Chruma’s vast experience in creating corporate productivity training programs is an enormous asset in her work with entrepreneurs and professionals.

“I can help you put your systems and processes in place and hold you accountable for your results,” she said. “There are many steps to running a successful business and getting them in the right order is critical to creating a solid foundation for your future success.”

Churma’s coaching clients take assessment tests and receive questionnaires and tools that help them clarify what they expect to achieve from working with her.

“I don’t allow my clients to pigeon hole themselves. During our coaching sessions, we follow an agenda somewhat predetermined by the client, and our objective is to help you overcome the challenges you may be facing so that we can keep you on the path to success.”

The principles that Chruma teaches have produced amazing results for many of her clients.

Beth from Chicago stated, “I started a service business without any idea of how to run one. Her vast knowledge gave me skills, tools and processes to run my company. She taught me the importance of knowing my numbers, cost of sales, leads to appointments, created a P & L, set smart goals, hiring, firing and production numbers. Her excellent understanding of leadership taught me how to be a kind, understanding, strong and effective leader. Implementation of systems, processes and tracking took my business from losing $6000 to netting $5000 a month in less than 3 months. When hiring Kathy, be ready to work hard and be held able and highly accountable!”

John from Virginia stated, “Kathy consulted in our manufacturing facility and doubled the through put on the manufacturing line in three weeks. Working with her helped us implement an inventory system allowing us to reduce inventory by 20 percent in 3 months. We successfully increased on-time delivery from 15 percent to 87 percent.”

Working as a corporate consultant has given Chruma the opportunity to travel the world. She lived in Germany and Mexico and embraces cultural diversity. “I have traveled to many countries and the thing that has stood out for me is how many good people there are in this world,” she said. “I feel so fortunate and grateful to be able to share what I have learned as a student of life.”

For more information about Leadership Acceleration Pro, or for a FREE business one-hour consultation, call (480) 518-3555 or email coaching2thenow.com.

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