The Newest Innovations in Smartphone Technology

Smartphone technology is in a constant state of exponential improvement. In 2017, consumers saw high-tech features integrated into smartphones for a more user-friendly and optimized experience. These new smartphones have increased in usefulness, as they are faster and more intuitive. Some of these features are only available on certain smartphone models, though are anticipated to be installed on future models. It is forecasted that this new tech will be further developed for improved capabilities. Here are some of the newest innovations in smartphone technology:

Dual Cameras

Dual cameras are a fresh feature for some smartphones and are anticipated to be included on more future models. The two cameras on the back of the phone — included on models, like the LG G6 — provide you with capabilities to capture high-quality images in the standard 13-megapixel format and a 12-degree wide-angle composition. The wide-angle feature lets you capture more content in each frame, so you don’t have to stitch together photos or have the frame cut off your landscape vistas. The phone also includes a 5-megapixel front-facing lens that can also can accommodate a wide-angle view.

Expandable Memory

Many smartphone manufacturers have equipped their devices with increased internal storage space. Most Android phones offer a microSD slot, so you boost your memory storage space. This extra memory makes it easier for you to play games, which often will take up more than 1 GB of space and store all your HD photos and video. The storage also supports one of the most pragmatic features of your smartphone — offline GPS navigation. Most phones with microSD card slots can accommodate up to a 256 GB card.

Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling is the perfect feature for those who have a network that provides limited coverage in their region. It lets phone users stay connected, with access to calls and messages over a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi calling preserves your phone’s data, since you aren’t connected to your mobile networks 4G or LTE service. Through Wi-Fi, you can also use higher data speeds than most cellular connections, so communication is fast and streamlined. This feature is most beneficial for those who live in rural areas, or when one is in a building that blocks cell networks but offers Wi-Fi.

Fingerprint Sensors

Most new phones, released in the past year, have been upgraded with a fingerprint sensor. It is a seamless way for you to unlock your phone without constant tapping or swiping. This feature preserves the function of your phone’s buttons — since they aren’t constantly being used — thus saving you money on phone hardware repairs. Your fingerprint code provides you with extra security, since you are the only one who can unlock the phone. Most smartphone models will offer you the option to add a numerical code as a secondary lock, in case you need your phone to be accessible to someone else.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality headsets and capabilities are expected to be an integrated feature for all smartphones in the future. Mobile VR sets are an easy means for consumer to enjoy this new digital experience without a third-party device. Current Smartphone VR tech has increased in performance, compared to previous models, through faster graphics rendering and enhanced sight and sound. Smartphone-based headsets like Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Zeiss One Plus and FreeFly respond quickly to head and eye gestures, so you have an immersive experience without any choppy or sluggish rendering.

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