Penclic Mini Wireless Keyboard K2: Increasing space and efficiency with a stylish design

By Debbie Hall

Penclic produces a great range of computer peripherals combining the latest technology, stylish elegant design, practical functionality and innovative ergonomics. The Penclic Mini Wireless K2 keyboard features “tenkeyless” design which reduces the keyboard’s footprint, placing the mouse in a more comfortable position while helping to reduce fatigue from repetitive strain injuries.

This mini wireless keyboard connects via Nano USB receiver with a range of over 16 feet allowing the device to be positioned without the problems associated with running cables. Its height profile allows the user to type from a comfortable, relaxed position reducing wrist strain. It also has the ability to tilt forward to fit with users who prefer a sloping position. The quiet touch keys require minimal pressure to trigger and provide a responsive and accurate typing experience while reducing annoying noise. The design is sleek and understated featuring a contemporary feel.

Measurements are 11½ inches long, 6½ inches wide, 1/8 inch high and the keypad area is 4½ inches.   It weighs 12.4 ounces and uses a tiny USB receiver controlling one device at a time. This keyboard runs on two rechargeable AAA batteries (included) along with a retractable charging cable. The keyboard features an on/off switch.

The keyboard can work with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems as well as desktop, laptop and netbook. Text can be entered as far as 16 feet from the device in a room but walls will hinder its reception.

Each key is made out of hard plastic and most keys are located in the standard location. The delete key is located on the top row with the function keys, Penclic logo key is located between the left Ctrl and Alt keys and Alt Grr key is added.

Although this keyboard comes with a retractable USB cable that is for charging the two batteries that power the unit. One can go two months between charges as long as the keyboard is shut off between uses.

The Penclic Mini Keyboard K2 Wireless is available in black or white and is available from by clicking here.

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