Is it Time for a Digital Revolution in Marketing: The Answer is Yes According to Oracle

It seems as though we may be at the dawn of a digital revolution in marketing, so says the vice president of global consulting services, Oracle Marketing Cloud at Oracle, Tony Nadalin. Oracle’s message was loud and clear at the recent Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience event, which recently took place in Las Vegas. It seemed to be the hot topic among many in the industry.

It seems as though the time is now right for companies to start embracing and using new technology, and encouraging new and innovative ideas in terms of digital marketing.

Marketing Needs to Go Further 

It seemed that the message was clear at the event and Oracle execs were onboard and prepared to discuss their position. Oracle Marketing Cloud, at Oracle, had their director of product marketing, Austin Miller, on-hand as well. Miller believes that technology has reached a place where advertisers can now use it in different ways and take full advantage of what it has to offer.

He believes it’s no longer about just a brand. Rather, it’s about taking the advertising experience further through the means of technology.

Many big players in the field are still wrapping their minds around the fact that Oracle is even in the advertising game, but those who were still having a hard time adjusting have no choice now. It was announced that Oracle will offer a chatbot platform complete with artificial intelligence that will be used for its video, mobile, and messaging practices.

Digital Marketing – the New Form of Traditional Marketing

When digital marketing first hit the mainstream it was seen as the “new technology” and a new way of advertising. Today, it has quickly become the traditional form of advertising, as more and more companies take advantage of these digital mediums.

Firms such as marketing agency Single Grain excel in offering clients the latest and greatest tools when it comes to digital marketing, allowing them to target consumers like never before. So with many companies still trying to adjust to digital marketing tools, is it time for the next wave of the revolution to hit?

It seems as though Oracle isn’t the only one who feels the time is now for the digital revolution; others are in agreement, too. It all goes back to the growth of the internet and mobile devices. The more people rely on them, the more digital marketing plays a role. Because the technology of the internet and these mobile devices is changing at a rapid rate, experts believe that digital marketing needs to at least keep up – but ideally should be ahead of the curve.

Technology Doesn’t Show Signs of Stopping

One can argue that because technology doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping, in fact, if anything it seems to be speeding up, industries need to react if they hope to remain successful. Digital marketing is looking to be a very exciting area in the future, full of promise and all kinds of new discoveries and tools.

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