Arizona Last Stop To Offer Free Lottery Tickets With Its World Famous All-American Hamburger

Special Offer to Be Available Starting Sunday, May 28 to Sunday, June 4

Hamburger lovers are invited to take a journey to eat a burger and have a chance to win millions.

Starting Sunday, May 28, National Hamburger Day, through Sunday, June 4, Arizona Last Stop will serve up “The World Famous All-American Hamburger” and including complimentary lottery tickets with every purchase of the burger.

Located just on the other side of Hoover Dam on the way to the Grand Canyon via US 93 South, Arizona Last Stop is world-renowned not only for its hamburgers, but also for being the closest location for Las Vegas visitors and residents who want to buy Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets. It also serves as a colorful stop for getting gas and last minute shopping for gifts and snacks.

As for the dish itself, The World Famous All-American Hamburger is cooked fresh to order. Guests can add organic vegetables and classic condiments including ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. It is then served with an order of fresh-cut French fries made from a whole Russet potato. Vegetarian and chicken options are available. For one week in honor of National Hamburger Day, the hamburger and fries will be offered for $10. Say the phrase, “National Hamburger Day” and the guest will also receive one complimentary lottery ticket.

For those hungry for adventure while they are out at Arizona Last Stop, guests who come out for the hamburger can also take a ride in the world’s longest monster truck. Certified by the Guinness World Book of Records, the “Sin City Hustler” measures more than 32 feet (9.8 meters) in length, seats up to 12 people and can simultaneously drive forward and sideways. The truck uses one gallon of gasoline per mile driven with four customized tires that are 43 inches across and 66 inches in height. The drive is quick but its take brave guests on dips that are as deep as 16 feet and up to 30 MPH. On National Hamburger Day, guests who book the Sin City Hustler are asked to book in groups of at least four. For that week only, for every three seats purchased, the fourth one will be free. The price per person is $15.

Open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Arizona Last Stop is located at 20606 US-93, White Hills, Arizona. Arizona Last Stop is owned by Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures, the new adventure-company offering convenient access to a variety of all-American outdoor experiences, ranging from driving Razors and ATVs to the Colorado River to outdoor shooting ranges. Guests who book Razors, ATVs or outdoor shooting tours departing from Las Vegas in advance online or by phone for Sunday, May 28 will also receive a free lottery ticket, as well as $20 off any activities when they also mention, “National Hamburger Day.”

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