4 Ways to Easily Advance Your Career

If you’re feeling like your career has been stagnating recently and you’re just not going anywhere with it, you might be thinking about ways you can earn more or enjoy your job more. You may even be considering the prospect of switching to an entirely new trade altogether. However, often times it’s not the trade or industry itself; it’s just your current position, salary and working conditions that are making it less ideal than what you had expected. Fortunately, the opportunity is always there for you to climb up the ladder and use your skills and credentials to make your career more lucrative and more enjoyable. With that said, here are three ways to easily advance your career without having to make any life-changing commitments.

1. Study for another Degree Online

You might already have a degree and are currently working at a job that pays less than what you were hoping for. The good news is that you can usually use your current degree as a qualification to begin taking courses for a more advanced degree. This can be done remotely at one of many online distance-learning institutions, so you could keep your current job and study during your off time. For example, a nurse who is looking to get into the higher-paying positions in the medical field might consider researching online ADN to MSN programs to make the upgrade from RN to masters.

2. Apply at a Different Place

Pursuing another degree is almost always a good idea, but in the meantime, it would help if you could land another job that you’d be happier with. Before resorting to that, it might be worthwhile to express your concerns with your current employer. If you’re unable to get more hours on the schedule or you’re motivated to make more money than what your current employer is paying, then it may be best to simply apply at some other places. Using the previous example of a nurse, there would be no shortage of alternative employers to choose from, especially if you’re applying via job search sites after having obtained your ASN to MSN online.

3. Build a Strong Portfolio and Resume

Regardless of your profession, it would help to have an impressive resume ready to show a prospective employer in case you ever encounter the possibility of moving up. You don’t want to be empty-handed or short-handed when a hiring manager asks for your resume, and you don’t want to be rushing to put it together at the last moment either. Therefore, anyone looking to advance their career should start with designing an excellent resume and building a portfolio that showcases their talents and strong points.

Success is a Process

If you’re doing all of the above then it’s almost inevitable that eventually, you’ll see some sort of progress in your career. Knowing that, try to have patience and focus on the current moment rather than being hasty and overzealous about making something happen overnight. Ultimately, if you show up to work every day and do your job well while also investing in backup opportunities, then you should be in a position to continue increasing your salary year after year.  


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