Tips for Taking Your Travel Photos to the Next Level

So many fun memories and events are posted and enjoyed on social media. From family vacations to day-long outings, it seems everybody is uploading their photos and sharing them with the entire world. For those who want to make a great impression with their photos, the use of filters, apps and a wide variety of both computer and camera techniques has become commonplace.

If you’ve just gotten back from vacation – or are about to head out for some fun in the sun – and truly want to make your photos memorable, then keep reading to discover some simple tricks for taking your travel photos to the next level.

Invest in Professional Equipment

If you really want to take photos that make people say “wow,” then consider the effect that professional photography can have.

Over at FujiUser’s blog, many of the best high-end cameras and photography techniques are covered for those wanting to capture the most of their vacations and travels. While professional photographic equipment can be expensive to some degree, the investment you’ll receive in exchange can pay off in more ways than just vacation photos.

Ultimately, high-end digital cameras provide users with an array of functions and settings that can allow for on-the-go tweaking of photos, making it easy to impress people with your travels.

Use Highlights and Shadows

Whether you’re hiking in the great outdoors or taking in some scenery at the beach, there’s a good chance that your camera will not capture the scenery in the blissful and idyllic way you’ve seen it. To get the most from your travel photos, consider altering both the highlights and shadows in each picture.

If you have a photo editing solution like GIMP or Photoshop, you can easily apply some changes to both elements with it. Likewise, a wide variety of photo editing apps and filter solutions exist for those who want to tweak both shadows and highlights. By lowering the highlights of the picture and increasing the shadows present, you can create more contrast that really makes nature and outdoor scenes pop.

Go Easy on the Filter Intensity

With popular apps like Instagram, the tendency to apply a filter and post a photo is strong. Without checking to see whether or not your travel photos need a bit more tweaking, you could end up producing some pretty obviously edited images. If you want people to be envious of your most recent vacation, then the photos need to maintain an authentic look to them.

For photos being taken on mobile devices, look for any filter options that allow you to dial back the intensity of the filter. Many filters are professionally produced and help augment photos in meaningful ways, but they can be too much at times when at full intensity. By reducing the intensity of one or more filters in each photo, you’ll maintain a realness in your image while taking things to the next level.

To make your travel photos stand out, consider how professional photography, responsible filter use, and the balance/contrast of lighting in each photo can affect things. While you don’t need an expensive camera to make great memories, you do need a bit of skill and prowess to take great photos. We hope that the tips shared here will help improve your photography on your next vacation.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s also important to learn how to change the settings on your camera in Manual mode because your camera makes so many mistakes in Automatic mode. Check out this video I made of the 6 things your camera can’t do on Auto.

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