Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention Swoops in to Save the Day

Kat Fairchild cosplaying Negan from The Walking Dead.

by Ashley Glenn

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention came to stun the city with a fun weekend for everyone of all ages.  The convention brought it’s all to create a convention like no other that shows how Las Vegas does it right. From famous visitors such as Stan Lee to fun interactive panels that allowed fans to meet their heroes, Las Vegas’ Comic Con was super hero all of its own.

“I was really excited to be here,” said Kat Fairchild, a cosplayer who attended the convention. “It used to be so small, but it’s grown into such a large convention.”

The local Las Vegas resident cosplayed Negan from The Walking Dead comic book and hit television show. As a comic book fan for almost all of her life, Fairchild was excited to attend the convention for Saturday and Sunday.

Over the convention’s weekend, fans of all kinds got to come and meet heroes from comic books, television shows and movies. Some celebrities included Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether and Julie Numar who played in the original 1960s Batman series. Their panels even included a special clip in honor of the late Adam West, who had been scheduled to appear at Comic Con originally and was paid tribute by dozens of beloved fans.

Other incredible creators included Todd McFarlane, creator of spawn and co-founder of Image Comics, Kevin Eastman, the creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool and co-founder of Image Comics. These creators held panels that were not only informative in their careers, but also gave fans a chance to ask questions and get personal with their idols.

“My favorite was the Stan Lee and McFarlane panel,” Fairchild said. “It was so exciting to see them in person.”

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con also held a large venue for artists and other vendors with a variety of original and traditional purchases. From art prints and original tee designs to popular Pop figures and other action accessories, the showcase floor was a booming shopping area for any enthusiastic shopper.

The showcase floor also had comic book artists there ready to give fans everything from comic books to shirts and other amazing accessories only found at the convention. Some famous voice actors, such as Veronica Taylor, the voice of Ash Ketchum, and many more could also be found ready for signatures and photos with fans.

What really made the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, however, was the mass amounts of excited fans ready to show what they were made of. Fans of all ages attended and some of them, like Fairchild, put forth their best dress by dressing up in cosplay for the special event.

“I think the biggest thing about cosplay is what it brings out,” Fairchild said. “I get to really be myself when I cosplay.”

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con held and exhilarating atmosphere that raises the bar for next years. To learn more about the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, visit


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