Empowerment: Beyond the 4th of July

by John Dunia

If there is one place on this planet that knows how to celebrate it’s Las Vegas. Where else can an incredible display of fireworks be seen over an entire valley? Our unique style and branding have initiated not only many firsts but we have also surpassed others by our innovation.

However, the 4th of July is a time for more than celebration and fireworks. Sure, it reminds us of our nation’s legacy; both our struggles and victories. We were born out of the idea that freedom is everyone’s God-given right and through those years have refined that meaning to include all people. Even after our inner battles, this nation continues to be the torch bearer of freedom for the entire planet.

This reputation however, comes at no small cost. Part of which is empowering other countries to develop leaders and heroes by which their own independence will be forged. Empowerment is not fighting their battles for them, it is teaching them to toil and strive on their own. It is no different when we empower an individual or a team to work as one and although there may be extreme pain along the way, we are better off for it.

Gathering together with friends and family is typically a fun way to celebrate our Nation’s birth but let us also remember it is important to look at where we are in the present and where we want to be. Let us empower those close to us and in our community to make Las Vegas – and our nation – the greatest place on earth.

John Dunia since 2007, has written for many local Las Vegas publications. In 2013, he began blogging and sharing his thoughts on overcoming adversities with his unique approach in assisting the reader towards better self-awareness. In 2015 he completed his first “self-help” style book which was a semi-autobiographical account of how he overcame and heal difficulties from his past. The book is titled, “Shame On Me – Healing a Life of Shame-Based Thinking”. It inspired him to branch out in other directions. He now consults with people one-on-one to help them find their own breakthroughs. He also is a guest speaker on the topic of shame and effective ways to heal. To find out more please visit www.gcegroup.net.

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