Easy Ways to Add Glamour and Sparkle to Make Any Outfit Stand Out

Whether you’re going to a charity function, a work do, or a birthday celebration, you want your outfit to stand out. Unless you’ve got the budget of an A-list celebrity, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to afford a dazzling, hand-made, one-of-a-kind dress. So, you need to use your accessories carefully. Instead of just pairing up your normal pieces, go for something a bit racier and a bit glitzier. If you get the right dress – long and black – you can get away with adding the most outrageous statement pieces of jewelry. Then, you won’t need to worry if someone has the same dress as you either, as you’ll already be glittering in the spotlight.

Experiment with color

Yes, your diamonds could sparkle more than anyone else’s in the entire room. Yet if they’re the normal cut-glass types, they’ll look the same as everyone else’s too. So, try colored precious stones. Hunt out your sapphires and emeralds, your rubies and gemstones. Or, if you love your diamonds too much to give them up, try colored diamonds. Leibish fancy colored diamonds are a great place to start if you’ve never worn them before. So, not only will you sparkle, but you’ll stand out too.

Try new shapes

If you always choose stud earrings, now’s the time to try dangly ones. If you’ve only ever worn necklaces on short chains, you need to look at long, drop ones. If your bracelets have only even been thin and delicate, look at chunkier types. New shapes and cuts will give you an added air of glamor: just think about how gorgeous a glittering pendant would look at the end of a long necklace. Plus, different cuts of rings can add a certain something to your outfit. Be brave and experiment – from nests of diamonds to precious stones embedded in your bands.

Stack them up

One of the latest trends in jewelry is stacking. From rings to bracelets, you can do this with everything. The easiest accessories to start with are rings and bracelets, and you can often buy them in pre-stacked collections. That way you’ll know how to mix and match, and how to coordinate. If you decide to choose your own, try to dilute the brightest, most outlandish pieces with more subtle, muted pieces, just so you can distinguish between the great and glamorous, and all the rest.

Keep putting them on

If your default method of accessorizing is putting on a necklace and matching earrings, then now it’s time to step up your game. Don’t just stop with two pieces. Keep on putting your jewelry on until you feel it’s too much or too far out of your comfort zone. Then when you get there, add one more piece. Doubling up on necklaces is a great way to add something to any plain dress. Opt for a shorter necklace that hangs close to your collarbones, then accentuate this with a long, drop necklace. Then, go for multiple bracelets – as long as they coordinate – and a few rings on both hands.

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