Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for a DNP Program

Nursing is a very lively field to be in, especially with the healthcare industry growing as quickly as it is today. There are a lot of uncertainties caused by the changes in healthcare regulations, but that doesn’t mean the field of nursing is any less interesting. In fact, nursing offers among the widest career choices.

One of the things you can do to push your nursing career forward is to acquire a nurse practitioner doctorate degree, also known as the doctor of nurse practitioner or DNP. To help decide whether a DNP degree is for you, check out the choices below.

The Doctoral Nursing Program

There are a lot of online doctoral nursing programs. Online programs are considered the better option because they allow you to pursue a doctorate degree while still working a full-time job. A career in nursing can be very demanding, which means the extra flexibility offered by online courses is very valuable.

To qualify for the DNP program, there are several requirements to meet. Applicants can enroll with either a BSN or an MSN. What’s important is that you also have a license as a registered nurse. The programs are mainly designed for nursing professionals who want to become a nurse practitioner or focus more on nursing management.

The actual process of enrolling to an MSN to DNP online program is very easy to complete. You are required to submit documents, including a resume or CV, transcripts, and a personal statement. An interview may also be required, but only in select cases.

The Two Concentrations

There are two main concentrations or majors you can choose. The first one is nurse education. As the name suggests, choosing this concentration means focusing more on nursing education. The major is perfect for those who want to pursue a career teaching new nurses and helping grow the industry. The program includes classes in study techniques, curriculum design, and assessment methods.

The second concentration is nurse leadership. This is the concentration to take if you want to pursue mid- to top-level management positions in nursing or healthcare in general. By completing the course, you will master the essential skills that will make you a good leader. You will also learn more about how to deal with regulatory issues and how to create effective organizational structures.

Wealth of Career Options

A DNP degree opens up a lot of new opportunities to explore. There is no shortage of career options to choose from once you have completed the program and earned your doctorate degree. There are a number of new positions that are both rewarding and exciting too.

Pursuing a career as a nurse researcher is a good example. DNP is a degree for practitioners, but that doesn’t mean there are no DNP degree holders who work in research. In fact, the number of practitioners working in medical research is growing just as rapidly.

All you have to do to access the rewarding careers in nursing is find an MSN to DNP online program and earn a degree that will transform your future in no time.

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