Christopher Titus brings edgy and dysfunctional to comedy at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa

By Debbie Hall

Edgy, insightful and confrontational in his comedy, Christopher Titus is performing at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa on July 14-16.

Titus shares in a very humorous manner all about his personal life, which includes custody battles, mental illness, family suicides, heart attacks, domestic abuse and the relationship with his judgmental father.

“I believe my job is to bring up all that happened, which also happens to other people, so we don’t have to be mad about it anymore,” Titus explained. The new show is about the mood in America and how the population is acting as a country. “Talking about politics now is like have an argument at an interracial hoe-down in the 1840s. It is just going to piss somebody off.”

He began his career in stand-up as a mainstream comedian and performed for over 12 years. But with his comedy special, “Norman Rockwell is Bleeding,” he exposed so much of his life. “It took a while for me to have the guts to say what I wanted to say. It was honest and funny. It is really how you approach it. I could have written a very dark, evil bit about my mother’s mental illness and it wouldn’t be funny but shocking. That is good for a one-person play with raw emotion but I didn’t want to do that. I want to show how it is all really absurd. Writing about the absurdity of my mother’s illness helped me get my anger about my mom.”

Titus came to national attention with his show on Fox, “Titus” as the star, executive producer and co-creator. He has also done seven comedy specials, all with a theme.

“The 5th Annual End of the World Tour” was about 9-11. When all hell broke loose in Titus’ personal life with a bad divorce and then an amazing new relationship,” Love is Evol” was written to show that, “no matter how bad the last relationship you just went through, love is still possible.” “NEVERLUTION” takes on the entire country and its complacency with everything from terrorism and politics, to child rearing and technology.

Since 2011, he has been airing a podcast, “The Armageddon Update.” His sidekicks on the show are his wife, Bombshell Rae (Rachel Bradley) and Fetus. “The podcast scares me more than being live on stage. The audience lets you know if you are being funny and gives me such energy. But with the podcast, I don’t know if I am being funny. But with the podcast, I do write new material every week.”

Christopher Titus is performing at the Showroom at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa on July 14-16. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. and guests must be 18 and over. For more info or to buy tickets, click here.


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