Kelley Baker’s Eye Brow Magic

Written by Emily Gelbart and photography by Kate Gelbart

When it comes to eyebrows, Kelley Baker is the queen. For over fifteen years this brow expert has been making people all over the world more beautiful with her simple and effective routine. Baker’s method is user friendly to make sure her clients and fans can easily use her products and make their eyebrows look fantastic. Her work is seen among Hollywood and the music industry as she is the longtime brow artist for Zendaya and has even worked for the “Game of Thrones” cast doing their makeup for red carpet events.  

Makeup was Baker’s first passion and love. “It’s what I love to do to myself, it’s what I love to do to my friends. I love to make people pretty,” Baker stated on what drew her to makeup.  She transitioned to focusing on eyebrows when she went to beauty school. Looking to get her license just for back up, Baker’s life changed when she learned from the brow king, Damon Roberts, on how to work on eyebrows.  This is when she shifted the focus of her career from makeup to eyebrows. Now she owns her own salon in Venice, California. Her brow products are sold worldwide and she employs her fame on Instagram to demonstrate her techniques.  

Baker is a perfectionist when it comes to her work, and it surely shows. One of the best ways to recognize her work is through the perfectly straight lines that frame her client’s brows. The lines are clean and highlight each person’s natural eyebrow structure. She works off her basic routine of cleaning the brow for each person, then lets their individual shape form on its own. This personalizes the experience and transformation of every client’s brows.

Baker teaches master classes to spread her knowledge and empower brow artists all over the country. “A little goes a long way,” Baker explained when demonstrating her technique at her Master Class at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. She wants her customers to utilize the product to help it last, both in the salon and at home. Getting a Kelley Baker Brow is achievable in just a few steps. After getting a good wax and tweeze that shapes the brow to look natural and balanced with the individual’s facial structure, follow Baker’s method of highlighting and filling in the brows with your preferred Kelley Baker product to complete the look.

Step One: After cleansing and moisturizing the area, apply her highlighting pencil to the top and middle of the brows. This evens out the skin tone and reduces the appearance of redness caused by the waxing.

Step Two: Line the bottom of the brow with one of her highlighter pancils. To do so, take a flat smudge brush and apply the highlight in slow, short strokes. Blend in the highlighter down to blend and create a natural appearance. This helps create a smooth and straight line and define the brow.

Step Three: Fill in the brow with pencil or powder. Follow the natural curve of the brow to enhance the structure. Make sure to work the color into the skin. Baker uses only three colors for any brow (blonde, brown, or dark brown), so apply the chosen color with a light hand and build up depending on amount of pigmentation needed. This allows customers to customize their own look.

Step Four: Use her tinted brow gel to set the brows, brushing the hairs up, not down. This gives the eyebrow definition and volume. Because the gel is extremely pigmented, choose a shade lighter than the pencil or powder and wipe any excess off the wand before application.

With naturally looking eyebrows that will accentuate the unique features of the face, Baker’s clients can take on the world, star in movies or television series, and record world famous music videos. Her liveliness and genuine desire to help people feel beautiful drives her work. In the short period of fifteen minutes, Baker can transform brows into a work of art.

For more information on products and master classes, visit or follow her on Instagram @kelleybakerbrows.

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  1. Hi,

    I would love to know where I can get my eyebrows done in Las Vegas that are Kelley baker inspired brows? Location and eyebrows artist would be great.

    • For more information on products and master classes, visit or follow her on Instagram @kelleybakerbrows.

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