Five Star Economy President Brian Williams shares tips for reputation marketing

Brian Williams

By Debbie Hall

To grow and maintain a business, focus on getting good online reviews.

That is the message of Brian Williams, president of Five Star Economy. He also shared important information about reputation management, social media and reputation marketing at a recent National Association of Women Business Owners Southern Nevada Chapter luncheon.

Five Star Economy builds, advertises and protects five-star reputations so its clients’ businesses can focus on attracting and retaining customers. Williams, who has been part of the industry for over 25 years, even invited some of his clients to attend to share their feedback.

According to Williams, online reviews will be trusted more than personal recommendations. “Everybody might not post a review but everyone reads reviews.” Despite what friends might say about a business, most people check reviews. Customers, clients, vendors and friends who leave five star reviews online are the best referral sources. Amazon has trained its customers to make a purchases based on a five star scale through comparison. The focus is both quality and quantity of reviews. It is also based on what is important to a person. A Yelp reader is looking for quality and a Groupon reader is looking for cost savings.

It is important for all businesses to develop a process to get five star reviews from its customers, clients and vendors. Of all of the online traffic Google delivers to the internet, only 30 percent visit a website, 15 percent visit social media and 55 percent is being redirected to a review directory. Google tracks where people visit online and it is the algorithm of today’s consumers online to check reviews. Along with Google and Yelp, Facebook reviews are becoming increasingly important to businesses. As Williams stated, now is the time to build up Facebook reviews at the beginning of this important trend.

SERM is the abbreviation for Search Engine Reputation Marketing (different from SEO) and is now appears on the first page of the Google search. It can be improved organically without paying a consultant.

Williams also emphasized that all customers, clients, vendors and friends should be asked to leave a review. There are methods and processes to encourage posting those reviews. He also emphasized to reach out to anyone posting less than a five star review and find out what can be done to correct the situation and improve the rating.

Webinars and other resources are available through Five Star Economy and the entire seminar has been posted on its Facebook page.

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