Dat Phan brings his kinetic energy and insightful observation to the South Point July 28

By Debbie Hall

While some comics are introspective, Dat Phan explodes with intensity while making people laugh. He brings his funny perspective as a Vietnamese American stand-up comedian to the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa on July 28.

Born in Vietnam months before the war ended, his family including his mother and nine of his siblings eventually immigrate to the United States and settle in Southern California. Still, times were hard for the family but he persevered. Phan knew his destiny was to entertain and he pursued that career.

In his 20s, Phan became the original winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and won in the finals against Ralphie May. He returned for the third season dubbed “Battle of the Best” which included contestants from Season 1 competing against contestants from Season 2. In the fifth round, he and May got eliminated.

Even though it has been over 40 years since the evacuation from Vietnam, more people remember the predictions of the movie “Back to the Future II” touting Vietnam as a vacation spot. Ironically, that has come true in the 21st century and many of his audience members can embrace his background and see him as a funny guy talking about his life.

“My main goal is to make the audience laugh,” he explained. “But if they learn about the Vietnamese culture as well, it is great.” His Instagram account showcases his diverse and eclectic group of friends from all ethnicities. Phan also admits “Everyone likes to eat and food can help to close the gap if people are interested in trying new things. But we all just hand out.”

He also wants to change the perspective that just because someone speaks with an accent doesn’t mean they think with an accent. “When I talk about my parents, they are very intelligent and, while I talk about them, they are shown to be successful.”

When he is not touring or filming, he teaches stand up comedy classes. “There are brand new comedians that move to Los Angeles to break into the business.” Since he doesn’t a wife or girlfriend (at the present time), Phan wants to give back to the community by educating people who want to do standup comedy.

Dat Phan will perform his stand-up at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa on July 28. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. and guests must be 18 and older. For tickets, click here.

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