Ellen Spiegel continues to serve Nevada with two committee appointments and becoming a Henry Toll Fellow

By Debbie Hall

Nevada Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel (D-Henderson) has been appointed by the Council of State Governments West to two of its standing committees: Canada Relations and Health and Human Services. Both committees are instrumental in forming policy and advancing the common good both in individual states and between countries.

“One of the big benefits of participating in committees is that often times ideas that work in one state can be adapted in another state,” Spiegel explained. “Also hearing about negative experiences that happened in another state can help avoid pitfalls for this state.”

Spiegel is very excited to work on a committee involving international relations. As she stated, “Las Vegas is a very popular tourist destination for Canadians. There is also technology and infrastructure discussions between the United States and Canada.” These appointments will expand Spiegel’s expertise and add to her effectiveness as an Assemblywoman.

At this month’s CSG West Legislative Summit, Spiegel will focus on increasing Nevadans’ access to health care and addressing the state’s substance abuse challenges. Through her work on the Canada Relations Committee, Spiegel plans on examining energy issues and international economic development strategies.

She also recently was named as a member of their 2017 Henry Toll Fellow class. The Henry Toll Fellow program is a selective and intensive leadership training program. Only 30 Nevadans have been accepted to the Toll program since its founding in the 1980s.

“I am honored to have a voice representing Nevada in these important policy areas, and having the opportunity to contribute to these policy discussions” Spiegel said, adding “I’ve hit my stride as a legislator, and I am delighted to be able to broaden my skills so I can do even more for my constituents.”

Excited to become a member, Spiegel is looking forward to honing her leadership and communication skills. “I am honored to follow in the footsteps of Supreme Court justices, Constitutional officers, Assembly speakers, Senate majority leaders and others who have been through this program and have had a profound impact on our state,” Spiegel said. She will also have the opportunity to develop relationships with other leaders in other states. Spiegel welcomes the opportunity to contribute even more as a legislator in the Nevada Assembly.

During the 2017 Nevada Legislature, Assemblywoman Spiegel introduced eight bills that passed and were signed into law:

AB106: Establishes a reward/recognition system for state vendors who give equal pay for equal work. “Over time,” Spiegel said, “this measure will help eliminate the wage gap between men and women.”

AB113: Requires employers to give nursing moms breaks and a clean place to pump breast milk.

AB128: Allows people to use volunteer process servers. Spiegel said “this is especially important for people trying to escape abusive relationships, who are often financially constrained and need to minimize litigation costs. Now a neutral friend can help, potentially saving individuals hundreds of dollars.”

AB229: Puts gay marriage and parental rights into Nevada law and makes Nevada’s family law gender-neutral.

AB275: Establishes a statewide framework for integrated student supports. “Many students have nonacademic reasons for performing poorly in school, and this bill will help students get their needs met and give them a better opportunity to succeed,” Spiegel said.

AB276: Forbids employers from firing (or disciplining) workers who discuss their wages with their colleagues. Spiegel said open discussion could help women close the persistent wage gap with their male colleagues.

AB317: Prohibits companies from using names that sound like governmental entities. This will help prevent consumer deception and fraud, Spiegel said.

AB381: Limits medical insurance companies’ ability to raise consumer prescription drug prices (for individuals and people in small group plans) during the contract year.

Spiegel, a Cornell University graduate, worked for 15 years in corporate America before starting Strategems Consulting, a company specializing in workers’ compensation claims services. She represents Assembly District 20, which contains portions of Henderson and unincorporated Clark County. She and her husband, Bill, have lived in Henderson since 2001. For more information, visit www.EllenSpiegel.com.


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