ExerTies: Silicone ties transform exercise wear and evolves for other uses

By Debbie Hall

Along with great lobster, Maine is the home of the creation and production of ExerTies. These soft, colorful silicone scrunchies were developed for one idea and has evolved for a variety of uses.

It started when the creator’s sister, a soccer referee, spoke about tying up sleeves during play. Some leagues (kids to division 1) don’t allow the hard-scratchy Velcro sleeve ties. One idea led to another and ExerTies were developed. ExerTies are made from medical-healthcare Grade Class VI silicone rubber. This grade of FDA-approved silicone is used for baby bottle nipples and scuba mouthpieces as well as for food handling. The material is safe for skin contact.

ExerTies are not just for soccer, but other sports including volleyball, softball, cheerleading, golf, running and CrossFit. If sleeves need to be tied, ExerTies are designed to be effective and attractive (and help with no more tan lines). It also so soft, it can be used under a bra strap to tie up a sleeve.

But more than sports, other uses include computer/electronics cable management, frozen food bag wraps and key chain organizers. The Maine-based factory team uses them around the shop to secure injection mold water hoses and heater cables because silicone stays flexible from very high temperatures to freezing cold. Hang keys off a bag and hook sunglasses as well. It can used to secure a plant to a stake for those who garden. It might be months before the holidays but these are great for anything that needs to be secured or hung without damaging anything.

It comes in six colors including black, white, hot pink, orange, neon yellow and green. ExerTies are sold on Amazon and come one color per box. Click here to purchase.

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