Experience Handley Cellars under the stars during Camp & Wine Tasting in October

By DeMaris Fret

Come enjoy the beautiful fall weather and Handley Cellars during the Camp & Wine Tasting to be held at Brown’s Town Campground in Bishop, California Oct. 6-8.

My adventure in wine tasting began during my summer vacation. I had never been to a wine tasting. So when my friend Keith suggested that we drive through wine country, I was very excited. I had always imagined that wine tastings were glamorous and upscale. When we arrived at Handley Cellars, it fulfilled all of my wine tasting wishes and dreams! Expectations, I didn’t even know I had, came true on that lazy July afternoon.

Handley Cellars understated elegance cannot be denied. Its beautiful front room, elegantly decorated with art from all over the world, has a very relaxed vibe to it. Upon my entering the space, I noticed that EVERYONE was all smiles and seriously discussing the subtler nuances that each wine had to offer. We began with white wine.

Our host Steven Anderson was amazing. He was adept at understanding the foods we enjoyed, and the pairings that would be good with those meals. He is intelligent, unassuming, encouraging and knowledgeable about all of the wine and possible pairings Handley Cellars had to offer its patrons and he is so kind as well.

During our visit, I commented on how beautiful the patio looked from the inside. I explained how Keith and I had both seen the wine movie “Sideways” and were taken with the whole wine lifestyle and experience. Steven, ever the gracious host, offered to set up our flight of red wine on the patio, so that we could enjoy our wine tasting as well as the beautiful vistas of the vineyard the patio offered.

While setting up for our tasting, local patrons entered with food, and asked if they could be seated at a particular table in the back of the patio. He excused himself and made certain that they had everything they needed in order to pair their food with the wine tasting. I was amazed. My friend and I had been camping for a full two weeks and had a cooler full of yummy treats that could be paired with our flight of red wine. I excitedly went out to the car, retrieved a few treats and we began the second half of our wine tasting. The entire experience was so wonderful, that I refused to visit any other winery during that trip.

To RSVP for the wine tasting, log on to our Facebook page event (Camp & Wine Tasting). The Handley Cellars wine tasting is schedule for Oct. 7 from 5 to 7 p.m. on the campground ($5 surcharge required). For campers, Handley Cellars is offering a discounted member price for all preordered wines. Contact Handley Cellars by calling 800-733-3151 and ask for Travis Scott and be certain to mention the wine tasting at Brown’s Town.

Grass tent sites can be reserved by calling Brown’s Town Campground at 760-873-8522, and be certain to let them know that you are attending the wine tasting.

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