6 Reasons Why Nevada Business Owners Should Consider Switching to VoIP

While landline phones are the industry standard, Voice over IP, or VoIP as it is known, is on the rise. Here are six reasons why Nevada business owners should consider switching to VoIP or installing it in their new facilities. 

Simplified Administration

When you run your phone service through the internet, there isn’t a need to run more wires to every office as you add people. Instead, if you set up an internet connection for them – whether wired or wireless – you can give them a VoIP phone service. Moving, adding and changing the VoIP configuration is as simple as allocating space on a server, too, versus the complexity of adding new phone numbers to your directory. If someone moves, you can move their phone number with them whether down the street, or on the other side of the state. If you want to add a phone number for someone new or delete an existing one, it takes less effort than creating or archiving an email account for them.

You Keep All the Same Functionality

Switching to a VoIP doesn’t cause you to lose any of your current traditional call system features. You can still use features like call hold, call transfers, conference calling and phone menus. The benefits of switching to Voice over IP systems include being able to save key messages in digital format for years, email sound files when appropriate, increase the amount of memory for voicemail, and you can listen to messages from anywhere.

It is Compatible

Switching to a Voice over IP phone service does not require replacing all of your phones. You can use VoIP phone connections to support older technology like fax machines. It also integrates fax machines with your networks, letting you both send and receive faxes via an email account, such as when you are dealing with government agencies that mandate forms can be faxed to them.

It Integrates with Everything Else

We already mentioned that you can use VoIP phone systems to receive faxes via email or send an email to a fax to be received by someone else, but you can also use them to automatically bring up customer records when someone calls based on the incoming phone number, or make calls through Skype or Outlook. Voice over IP systems are by their very nature easier to integrate with other business applications. Some of the VOIP systems even offer voice mail transcription, whether you need this for the hearing impaired, translation or legal reasons depends on your situation.

VoIP also gives everyone on your team video conferencing if they have a camera and the software to run it, and no additional hardware is necessary.


Companies like PC911 offer VoIP installation services at an affordable price using much of your current infrastructure. And they can do so at a lower cost per phone line than a traditional landline installation. And yes, you can call 911 via a VoIP phone, so you don’t need a landline to do that or pay any extra fees to call for help.

Greater Productivity

A VoIP service results in higher productivity for employees. We’ve already addressed the ability to access phone messages from any location, and the simpler management by system administrators. Another benefit is the ability to automatically attach documents and share data while they are on the phone with the person they are talking to. Employees no longer need to attend the office to fax in a report.

VoIP is fast gaining in popularity in Nevada and across the nation due to the various advantages it offers. It is a flexible, efficient and low-cost solution and is more reliable than ever, making it a prime choice for location independent businesses.

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