Buy and sell with confidence with AdYoYo and help Hurricane victims

By Debbie Hall

Buying other people’s items online is a great way to save money for quality item … if the seller is telling the truth. AdYoYo was developed as an ethical way to buy and sell items representing the truth.

So many people get burned when they travel to purchase the item. It happened to one of the founders of AdYoYo. He decided to look on the local listings to purchase a sofa. He pulled up the listing, saw a picture and contacted the seller. When he arrived to purchase the item, it was not what was represented in the picture. His time had been wasted.

Then, he had a thought. Why not list new and used items for sale with video in place of just pictures. This can give the seller an opportunity to show every little thing about the item being sold in detail and the buyer the opportunity to not waste valuable time.

AdYoYo was created as a connection for buyers and sellers to purchase and sell in the easiest and quickest way possible. With over 20 years in business in Las Vegas owning and operating multiple successful businesses, AdYoYo has combined the expertise multiple founders. The owners and staff have put their heart and soul into producing this listing and selling application.

Best of all, AdYoYo will donate $1 to Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey relief aid for every free app downloaded at Google Play store and the Apple App store through Oct. 15. AdYoYo hopes to raise $100,000 this way.

To offer further relief, AdYoYo is collecting clothes, shoes, blankets, pillows, diapers, toiletries, inflatable mattresses, box fans, work gloves and cleaning supplies to send to hurricane victims. Drop these supplies at 8335. W. Flamingo Road, Suite 201 and Adyoyo’s team will get them where they need to go.

“The community has embraced us and we are so excited,” said Ofir Ventura, one of the founders. “We are a Las Vegas startup so for us to have the local community support us is a good feeling that everyone is behind us and our efforts.” AdYoYo is a locally-owned Las Vegas tech company building its base in Southern Nevada. The owners have plans to go national and then international with the company and its business model.

“We have a lot of users in Florida and we want to show them — and everyone — that their situation matters,” AdYoYo President Christopher Kelly said, “and that even a small tech startup all the way in Las Vegas can step in and make a difference.”

“People use social media in a variety of different ways to share their lives and connect with different brands. We are reaching members through that medium. We understand that people are selling their personal items and we want to connect them with buyers as well as be a big part of the community,” added Nickolas Hoog, social media marketing for AdYoYo.

The app is free and there are no fees for either the buyers or sellers. “From a business perspective, money is coming in second. We want to build this business up and get as many members as possible,” Ventura explained. “It is about members, downloads and posting products.”

For additional information, visit and its Facebook page.

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