The Successful Woman’s Mindset

By Galit Ventura-Rozen

I get asked quite often what is my definition of success, which I define as: If you believe you can you are right. If you believe you can’t you are right. This is the basis for all that I write and speak about relating to the successful woman’s mindset. I also believe each person’s definition to their own success is defined by what success means to them. Once you start believing you can accomplish what it is at this time that would define success in your life, the next steps would be to live your life with a successful woman’s mindset.

I also get asked quite often what is my definition of mindset. You either believe you can increase your abilities, knowledge and expertise in the area you want to succeed in or you don’t. When you believe you can grow your mindset and you are not allowing your existing limitations to stop you. You are now in a growth mindset and are ready to learn what every woman that strives to have a successful woman’s mindset should incorporate into her life.

Believe you can by having confidence in yourself, being positive and having patience. The most difficult to conquer for most women is patience. We want everything today—not realizing if the hard work is put in, it will come with patience.

Use your past successes to overcome future obstacles. Many women are focused on the obstacle and difficulty of not knowing at this moment how to get to what they want to accomplish. What if instead you looked back at how you have accomplished past successes and the exact method and steps you used to do so and used those methods again and again to accomplish today’s goals.

Turn fear into determination. Fear is powerful. It can stop almost anyone from anything if they allow it. The next time fear stops you, sit with it and really feel the power this feeling has over you and your success. Now choose to turn the fear into determination by having it push you towards what you want to accomplish in place of away from it. Focus on the end result you strive to accomplish and each time fear shows up remember how you broke through it and beat it.

Give as well as be open to receive. Women are natural givers. Women love to help others, share experiences and support other women. What about being open to receiving? Do you ask when you need guidance? Are you open to other women mentoring you and building you up? To grow, women must realize they are teachers and students for life.

Own your mistakes and failures. To truly have a successful mindset, women must be open to recognizing failures are part of the path to growth. Also, admitting when you make a mistake does not just teach you, it also teaches those that are learning from you. Looking at failures as part of your path to success in place of being negative changes your mindset.

Get comfortable with the unknown. As a self-professed control freak, this was one of my biggest lessons. You cannot control everything that happens on your way to success. You must allow some things to fall into place the way they were meant to. Getting comfortable with the unknown allows you to breath and enjoy the ride. This does not mean don’t be ready to take action when needed and of course always be proactive but sometimes things just happen that are out of your control.

Be open to always learn. I myself plan on being a lifelong student. To have a successful woman’s mindset is to be open to learn always. To recognize it is impossible to learn everything there is to learn and there will always be someone that can teach you something. Have an open mind to anyone that is interested in teaching you. There is a lesson in every conversation.

Never fear competition, learn from it. Living in a world where women lift each other up in place of pushing each other out of the way is a beautiful thing. Instead of looking at other women in the same field as your competition; what if you work together, learn from each other, support each other and recognize there is always enough business for both of you? It changes the game because then there is no game; instead there is unity and growth.

Galit Ventura-Rozen is a Women Empowerment Business and Professional Speaker Mentor who works with Women entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level doing what they love by promotional and paid public speaking. She can be contacted at


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