The Music World’s Favorite Cognac D’USSÉ Embarks on a US Tour

by Nicole Muj

Known as Jay Z’s liquor of choice, D’USSÉ Cognac recently held exclusive special events across the U.S. designed to introduce the brand to American cocktail lovers. D’USSÉ Cognac, a favorite among music stars like Rihanna, DJ Khalid and Fabolous, is a relatively new brand that only celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2017.

During an exclusive event at Mastro’s Beverly Hills, Monsieur Michel Casavecchia presented D’USSÉ VSOP and D’USSÉ XO. Monsieur Casavecchia is the Cellar Master of the prestigious Château de Cognac and the creator of both D’USSÉ VSOP and D’USSÉ XO. Proud to be part of the privileged line of heirs of the Baron Otard, he is charged with perpetuating the tradition of the knowledge of blending ‘eau-de-vie’ (water of life) into Cognac.

Guests at the Beverly Hills event had the unique opportunity to try D’USSÉ  XO, the second Cognac expression from the portfolio. Launched in 2014, D’USSÉ  XO is the brand’s highest and most premium expression and is available in limited quantities, producing only 250-350 cases per year. The eaux-de-vie are hand selected before aging for a minimum of 10 years in French oak.

Often described as an aristocratic drink, D’USSÉ is trying to shake up the concept a little, with the creation of signature cocktails, developed with the cognac in mind. A favorite of Jay Z’s is The Code, a concoction of  D’USSÉ VSOP Cognac, Disaronno liqueur, pineapple juice and bitters.

Monsieur Casavecchia was born in Lorraine, France to a father with a passion for collecting and enjoying fine Cognac. This passion eventually led him to the Château de Cognac where he has spent over a decade overseeing the Cognac-making process of some of the world’s finest.

After 10 years as an apprentice, learning from his predecessor and refining his craft, Michel received the opportunity to move into the role he aspired to achieve for most of his life. After nearly 20 years as the curator for some of the most prestigious Cognacs in the world, Monsieur Casavecchia was charged with developing the new D’USSÉ VSOP Cognac for Bacardi.

Interestingly, D’USSÉ’s symbol is the Cross of Lorraine, France’s emblem of courage, honor and perseverance, an icon that represents the march forward to create a new legacy. With D’USSÉ, the story is just beginning. For more info, visit

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