Empowerment When It Really Counts

A candlelight vigil is pictured on the Las Vegas strip following a mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival in Las Vegas. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

by John Dunia

The tragic event on Sunday night left an ugly wound on our beautiful landscape. No city known for its hospitality, ever wants to have something like this on its resume. But in some ways we outdid ourselves. Our police worked tirelessly to secure the location and while all this was happening, concertgoers fearlessly aided the wounded patrons. People in private vehicles helped transport the injured to local hospitals and blood banks at 3 in the morning, looked like Black Friday shopping lines.

As much as we never want to see an incident like this occur anywhere, much less our city, Las Vegas has shown itself to be a remarkable example in times of tragedy. We can raise our heads high and be proud that in difficult times, we were there to help people regardless of who needed it.

Clark County Commissions Steve Sisolak set up a GoFundMe account to aid the victims and within 48 hours, it surpassed $3 million. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman, as well as many other local officials, spent the night lending their support to victims and first responders. In an interview, Mayor Goodman remarked how pleasantly surprised and proud she was of the hospital staff working almost as one, to maximize every medical effort.

As law enforcement continues to untangle this horrific episode, we’ve already begun to hear heroic stories about the selfless acts performed during this concert. Let us also remember those whose lives were tragically cut short and celebrate them in a way befitting to Las Vegas. There have been stories of both locals and visitors who were incredible humans and how much their lives impacted those around them.

If you or anyone you know attended Route 91 Harvest Festival and have a courageous story, please comment or better yet, email dhall@informermg.com. We want to keep everyone informed about these remarkable yet tragically shortened lives.

Thank you, Las Vegas. We have shown ourselves to be an exemplary city and one which any community leader would be proud to call home.

Since 2007, John Dunia has written for many local Las Vegas publications. In 2013, he began blogging and sharing his thoughts on overcoming adversities with his unique approach in assisting the reader towards better self-awareness. In 2015 he completed his first self-help-style book, “Shame On Me – Healing a Life of Shame-Based Thinking” which was a semi-autobiographical account of how he overcame and heal difficulties from his past. It inspired him to branch out in other directions. He now consults with people one-on-one to help them find their own breakthroughs. He also is a guest speaker on the topic of shame and effective ways to heal. To find out more, visit www.gcegroup.net.

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