The Ultimate Las Vegas Trip Planning Guide

Las Vegas is every adult’s perfect playground. It has the lights, the dazzle, the thrills and the shows to keep you and your friends entertained and having fun from the moment you step foot off the plane to the moment you get back home. Every trip to Las Vegas deserves to be the best for all, which is why you need to read this ultimate Las Vegas Survival guide, so you can know what to do to prepare for the best trip of your life:

A Short History of Las Vegas:

Las Vegas has a fascinating history, rich with drama, thrills, and excitement. It truly began in 1911, after the railroads had reached the area. By then, gambling was already outlawed by the state of Nevada, which meant it was perfect for organized crime to move in by the time the population boomed due to the construction of the Hoover Dam. From there, Las Vegas was born, built with Bugsy Siegel’s vision of glamorous resorts and top-notch entertainers. As years passed, conglomerates and developers took over mob interests and reinvented the city to what it is today.

Fun Facts:

Everyone loves a fun fact, so here are some to give you a better sense of the city:

  • In the 1900s the state was well known as a place to get a quick divorce. However it was Las Vegas who took that further, and couples could get married without any blood tests or waiting. The first wedding chapel was opened in 1942.
  • During the cold war, the Nevada Test Site was active, and detonated over 100 nuclear bombs in the desert – a sight that could be seen from the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas was referred to as the “Up and Atom City.”

Before You Go:

Now that you know a bit about the place that you want to go, you’ll need to plan. Before you arrive, you need to:  

Collect Your Partners-In-Crime



Las Vegas is there for you and your friends to have fun, but for you and your friends to have fun, you need to get everyone on board. You need to turn interested friends into committed friends, and to do that you need to get everyone on the same page. It can be frustrating to get everyone together and deciding, but once this bit of frustration is over, you can start planning your ultimate trip away. Remember, it’s not official until everyone’s booked their flights!

Book Your Base Camp



Next, book your base camp. Base camp here means where you’ll end up after a night out of gambling and alcohol and whatever other fun things you get up to. Plan ahead to get the best deal so that more of your money can be spent trying to win big than on your accommodation.

Prepare Your Budget



You can win big (really, really big) in Las Vegas, but you can also lose, which is why when you go on a trip to Las Vegas, you should actually have a budget for it. This means saving for the flight, accommodation, food, and other event tickets that you can book in advance. It also means setting aside some money to gamble with. Stay within your budget, and even if you lose you’ll be okay. If you win, however, your whole life could change.

Once You’re There

Once you’re in Las Vegas, there is so much to do, so it’s best to choose your itinerary beforehand! The city never sleeps, after all – casinos are open 24/7. There is something for absolutely everyone in Las Vegas.


The Las Vegas Strip


The Strip, known worldwide and the most infamous part of Las Vegas, is a must for any visitor. Take a picture of the infamous Las Vegas’ city sign. The Strip is where you’ll find the most iconic and legendary staples of Las Vegas, from the Bellagio Fountains to the Eiffel Tower, to the canals at Venice. You can wander the Strip during the day, of course, but it’s only once the sun goes down that the neon lights come out.


Fremont Street


Fremont street was the start of Las Vegas. Today, it’s a stunning light show. The Viva Vision light show is a six-minute experience where millions of LED lamps dance to music every hour. You can zip line through the show, grab a bite to eat and more.




Who can go to Vegas without visiting any of the world-famous casinos? There are over 75 casinos in Vegas, from the infamous Bellagio, to the Mirage, to the Venetian, and Caesars Palace and so much more. These casinos are more than just slots and gambling too – they host an epic lineup of events that you need to check out before you go.


See a Show


See a circus act, see a concert, see any number of exotic and exciting shows that Las Vegas has to offer. The city attracts the world’s best performers for a reason.


See the Bird’s Eye View


The High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel – which makes it the perfect place to visit to see Las Vegas. It’s bigger and grander than the London Eye too, but if you want another observation deck, or don’t like Ferris wheels, there’s the Stratosphere Tower, which boasts America’s fastest elevators and even gives you the chance to jump off the ledge with their SkyJump experience.


Hoover Dam


The Hoover Dam brought in the workers that made Las Vegas what it is today. It’s a stunning sight of mankind’s ability to conquer nature, and the electricity it generates can power tens of thousands of people. The dam itself is also situated among some picturesque scenery, making it a must for any Las Vegas visitor.


Las Vegas’ Museums


While it might not seem like something that should be on your priority list when visiting Las Vegas, it should be. The museums in Las Vegas are strange, cool, and sometimes downright stunning. You can visit the Neon museum, the Mob museum, the National Atomic Testing Museum and even Erotic Heritage Museum.


See the World


Las Vegas is close enough to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area for you to take a day trip to one of earth’s most stunning venues. Las Vegas itself, however, let’s you go around the world in minutes. See Paris, See Venice, See New York City, and more.


Life is Beautiful Festival


In 2013 Las Vegas invited some of the world’s best street artists to paint stunning murals across the city. Since then, the annual the Life Is Beautiful Festival continues, and artists add more murals for visitors to see and enjoy. Now is the time to plan for 2018.


Eat Some of the Best Food in the World


This one hardly needs explaining, does it? The casinos delight in every sense, and food is another experience that can’t be beaten anywhere else in the world.

Tips on Building Your Itinerary

You don’t want to try to do too many things in Las Vegas – rushing around means that you won’t have time to enjoy what you’re experiencing. Instead, try to be realistic with your itinerary and to book tickets ahead. A good balance is to enjoy Nevada’s gorgeous landscape during the day (once you finally wake up!) and to play in the city at night if you want the full Las Vegas experience. Or, you can go all out. Spend the day eating great food and being pampered, and spend the night at play. Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough time to do what you want and time to enjoy the unrivalled experience at Las Vegas.

Once You’ve Left

The thrills of Las Vegas can make everyday life dull, but it’s important to not let the Las Vegas blues get you down. There are many ways that you can keep the thrills alive right back home. You can, for instance, go to an event or a show in your neighborhood, or you can get your money-winning fix at an online casino. Dress up and have a perfect girl’s night or guy’s night out. The spirit of Las Vegas is what makes it special, and you can take that spirit with you wherever you go.

Las Vegas is the perfect party getaway for you and your friends. It’s where you can have wild fun, win big, and see some of the best shows in the entire world. Get your friends together, get those flights booked, and start your wild weekend or week away. Las Vegas is perfect for friend’s getaways, for bachelorettes or bachelors, and it’s even perfect for honeymoons. Whatever reason you decide to go, budget and don’t go into your savings – you want to keep Las Vegas a fun place, and to do that you need to make sure that you can lose the money you gamble without consequence to your life. If you win big, however, your getaway could be life-changing.  

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